Lifting loyalty, losing a partner, it means death.

Also known as Diamond Squid (Diamond Squid), Diamondback Squid, Rhomboid Squid (Rhomboid Squid)

Diamond squid

The most obvious way to identify is that it has two arms (knowledge points) with suction cups, and the remaining four are tentacles (knowledge points).It is named after its fins, and its fins run along the mantle (knowledge point) in an equal length, giving a diamond -shaped appearance.

It is a large squid that can grow to 100 cm of mantle length and maximum weight of 30 kg. The average weight is about 20 kg, and the life span is about 1 year.

Generally, it is not an active swimmer. It slowly pushes itself with a trigonite fin, but it can shrink the mantle strongly when you escape to escape the predation.

Arms: All head and foot animals have flexible limbs, extending from the head to the beak.These auxiliary substances, as muscle constant insulters, are called arms, legs or tentacles.The arm of the head and foot is usually regarded as different from the tentacles. Although these terms can sometimes be used for use, the latter usually acts as the general term of the head and foot animal limbs.Generally speaking, most of the arms have long suction cups

Tentacle: There will be suction cups only near its end.Except for a few exceptions, octopus has eight arms and no tentacles, and squid and cuttlefish have eight arms (or two "legs" and six "arms") and two tentacles

Mantra: It is an important part of software animal anatomy. It is a dorsal wall covering the internal organs. Usually, it is highlighted in the form of skin flaps, far beyond the internal organs.

Summary of the test point: When eating squid, the body part is the mantle, and the arms and tentacles do not need to distinguish from the perspective of food.

Adult diamond squid

Because its population density is relatively low, this has led to their unique situation, that is, a monogamy.It is also the only head and foot animal species known to be a monogamy. Among them, the same size squid couples have maintained together to die together until they die.Observed in reality, they often appear in pairs. If one member of the pair is captured by fishermen, the other member may stay in the area until it is also captured.

Gel -shaped eggs

Females secrete gel -shaped substances during the spawning process, and these substances enter the water and swell.This swollen secretion is shaped by female into a free -floating, gel -shaped egg block with a length of about 2 meters and a diameter of 20 cm.

Gel -shaped eggs

After the fertilizer is fertilized, the fertilized egg rope is wrapped on the cylindrical body.The pink egg is 1-3.4 mm long, forming two rows, forming a spiral ring around the gel-like core

Gel -shaped eggs

Each egg block contains 24100 to 4,3800 eggs.

From early differentiation to incubation, embryo development takes 47 to 57 hours under 28ºC.The length of the newly -hatred little mantle is between 1.3 and 1.6 mm.

Unlike mature bodies, the newly born little guy is the peak of the face at this time. Let ’s take a look at the face value of the sky, and at the same time it looks more like alien creatures!







Diamond squid is the goal of commercial fishery breeding near the sea and Okinawa, accounting for 90% of Japan’s annual fishing volume

Since 1995, an average of 4,900 tons has been captured each year

Expert evaluation may be related to the temperature of abnormal warmth in the Japanese waters, and the increase in bio quantity caused by it

Diamond squid is evaluated as the least noticeable species because it is a marine species with a wide range of geographical distribution, so it is not vulnerable to human beings.At some point in the year, commercial fisheries in some areas (such as Japan) in some areas (eg, Japan) are targeted, and the fishing volume seems to be consistent, which indicates that the current fishing volume is sustainable.Further research is still needed to determine the precise distribution of the species, population dynamics, life history and ecology, and potential threats.

Well, there are so many, because its life time is really short, and in the end it is the following result [Tears Ben]

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