Life lies in exercise. What do you need to pay attention to expectant mothers during exercise?Suggestion collection

Proper exercise during pregnancy is conducive to the health of expectant mothers and fetal baby. It can not only alleviate physical pain, reduce edema during pregnancy, but also improve sleep, improve emotions and avoid depression.However, expectant mothers also need to pay attention to the appropriate method and moderate exercise during exercise, so as not to be injured or have adverse effects on the baby.

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Ms. Xu, who has successfully produced the baby last week, shared it when he connected with the staff: "I prefer fitness in myself. I have kept fitness every day before pregnancy.Keep your body and don’t want to get pregnant. "Ms. Xu said that although she has always had fitness, she feels that the gym environment may not be good for the baby after pregnancy.After all, too strong exercise is not suitable for pregnant women.

Ms. Zeng, who was 7 months pregnant, consults: "Many pregnant mothers around me are practicing yoga. I want to know what to pay attention to during pregnancy exercise and what exercise can I do?"I want to do some yoga at home, and I don’t know which yoga is suitable for pregnant women. I am worried that falling or injured during practice.

During pregnancy or yoga, expectant mothers in the early stages of pregnancy can do some butterfly, bridge, and infant -type yoga movements.It is best to consult a doctor before exercise, practice according to the gestational week and physical condition, and try not to follow the trend blindly, and do not try it at home privately.Pregnant women’s exercise is mainly in the abdominal breathing, posture correction, balance, and muscle training of upper and lower limbs. In order to soothe the pain and discomfort caused by the increasing compression of the uterus caused by fetal growth and development during pregnancy, it is also to promote childbirth.

There are the following points to pay attention to the questions:

1. Master the amount of exercise

Generally speaking, the body temperature should not exceed 38 ° C during exercise, and the time is suitable for 30 ~ 40 minutes.The heart rate should not be too fast when the expectant mothers exercise.

If the expectant mothers have dizziness, nausea or fatigue during exercise, they should stop exercise immediately.

2. Keep water replenishment and intermittent rest

Drink enough water before exercise and during exercise, and you need to pay attention to stop and rest during exercise.

3. Mainly dressed and breathable

Wear loose clothing during exercise. If you swim in water, there are also swimsuits designed for pregnant women.

4. Require before exercise is important

Before and after exercise, you must conduct warm -up and relaxation activities, especially pay attention to the ligament parts.

5. The environment of exercise needs to be comfortable

Don’t exercise in a too hot or humid environment.You should choose to exercise with fresh air and shaded trees, which is good for physical and mental health.

6. Adjust the movement posture according to pregnancy

After more than 4 months of pregnancy, the movement of the lying posture should be avoided. At this time, the weight of the baby’s baby can easily affect the blood circulation of expectant mothers.

7. Pay attention to the technique of posture conversion

How to pay attention to skills from supine to standing during exercise, you can lie on the side, then use your elbows and hands to support your body, and slowly turn into a sitting position before standing up.

If expectant mothers suffer from cardiopulmonary disease, cervical weakness, hypertension during pregnancy, do not think about maintaining their body and exercise. You can use simple walks as exercise., Lead to bad consequences.


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