Liangchen Good Jing Know the Geometry Episode 43: Lin Hangjing has a pregnancy and was arranged to go abroad Lin Hangjing to return to China with his son

Xiao Beichen came to Ming Yuzhang. Now the ruins here are one piece. The past is no longer there, and the people used to be gone.Xiao Beichen put on the costumes to sing on the stage, and everyone was particularly distressed.

On February 17, 1933, the Japanese Kanto Army headquarters officially issued a combat order to attack the Rehe River. The fire was fierce, and the battlefield was only thirty miles away from Beixin City. It was already under the city of Beixin City.

Lin Hangjing followed Xiao Beichen into the battlefield command post in the front line. At this time, she was pregnant. In order not to affect Xiao Beichen’s battle, she first concealed the news.This afternoon, when Lin Hangjing and Deputy Officer Jiang saw a mother -in -law selling lotus seeds, they bought some of them to make lotus seed porridge for Xiao Beichen.Lin Hangjing also told Xiao Beichen that if one day Beibei New City really can’t hold it, remember to kill her with a shot, and he must coexist with Xiao Beichen.

Xiao Shuyi took the children of the orphanage to evacuate, and Xu Zijun gave each other. He couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable. He once vowed to be protected by Xiao Shuyi in this life, but now he is going to the battlefield.Xiao Shuyi promised to be his good sister in this life.Xiao Shuyi kissed Xu Zijun’s cheek on a tiptoe. She had fell in love with Xu Zijun and asked Xu Zijun to come back alive.

Xiao Beichen took Lin Hangjing to see the peach trees he planted. Lin Hangjing did not expect that for her, Xiao Beichen has been waiting to this day.They have missed too much, Xiao Beichen didn’t want to miss it anymore.Today, Lin Hangjing made a clear soup noodle for Xiao Beichen. Xiao Beichen asked Lin Hangjing to accompany him to drink.Lin Hangjing was pregnant and refused to drink. Xiao Beichen said that there was a drink, and he would accompany him to drink a glass of spirits. Then Lin Hangjing agreed.

Xiao Beichen sent Lin Hangjing’s earrings of that year. In recent years, his thoughts on Lin Hangjing all pinned on this pair of earrings.Xiao Beichen personally put on earrings for Lin Hangjing, and both became tears.Lin Hang Jingben was about to tell Xiao Beichen’s news about his pregnancy, but he began to dizzy. He understood that Xiao Beichen gave medicine in the wine just now. Xiao Beichen knew that Lin Hangjing refused to leave and did this for Lin Hangjing’s safety and intelligence.Lin Hangjing woke up. At this time, she was already on the ship in London. She touched her stomach and told Xiao Beichen without the news of her pregnancy.

The East Line of the North New City is the last line of defense of Beixin. Xiao Beichen entered the battlefield. He would coexist with Beixin.Xiao Beichen is the commander -in -chief of the British Army and the master of Beixin City. Du Heng ordered Xiao Beichen as a former instructor to leave the front line.Du Heng was tied to explosives, and the tanks that bombed the Japanese were all out with the Japanese.The Japanese bombarded the East Line of the North New Town and Mo Weiyi died.Xu Zijun wanted to avenge Mo Weiyi, killed the enemy in the battle, and was pierced by the Japanese bayonet.

Three days later, the entire British army was killed, and the Japanese Kanto Army entered the North New Town.On July 7, 1937, the Japanese army fired at the Chinese defenders near Luogou Bridge in Peiping and bombarded Wanping City. The Japanese nation began to fight against China in an all -round way.

Six years later, in London, UK, Lin Hangjing took his son Xiao Nan to play. She always believed that Xiao Beichen was still alive, and one day he met his son Xiao Nanyang.Lin Hangjing saw Xiao Beichen’s figure in the newspaper. He cried and decided to take his son to return to China to find Xiao Beichen. Soon the mother and son stepped on the ship returning to China.


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