Li Yang Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture: Acupuncture treatment of irregular menstruation, effectively increases the chance of pregnancy!

Chinese medicine believes that human reproductive systems and internal environment are interconnected and interactive, and ovarian function is the basis of reproductive function.Women’s endocrine organs -uterus and ovaries are closely related to reproductive.

Studies have shown that excessive or too little ovarian secretion can affect the balance of hormones and other substances in the body, thereby affecting conception.

As a traditional treatment method, acupuncture can not only regulate the endocrine system, but also regulate the entire body’s environment, thereby achieving the effect of pregnancy.

Acupuncture treatment for patients with irregular menstruation (early syndrome)

1. Acupoints: Mainly the two major organs of the uterus and ovaries.Two corresponding acupuncture points during the menstrual cycle: the first point is the blood sea, and the second point is the intersection of the second pulse (Director);

The third needle is mainly due to acupuncture points such as the lumbosacral region, Zusanli, and Sanyinjiao; acupuncture treatment for patients with early syndrome can be combined with the corresponding acupuncture points at the same time, the curative effect is better.

2. Method operation: The main treatment methods such as strong stimulus, insertion method, and electro -needle therapy can be used to strengthen the spleen and kidney.

It was found in the clinical trials of the early syndrome that it was found that acupuncture acupuncture points, blood sea and other acupuncture points, with massage and acupuncture therapy can improve patients’ symptoms and improve their ovulation function.

3. Secondly, acupuncture acupuncture points, San Yinjiao and other acupoint injection treatment can increase ovarian ovulation function after the early syndrome; finally acupuncture treatment can increase the endometrium tolerance and increase the blood supply and oxygen supply of the placenta to help the embryo help the embryoEarly development.

4. Treatment of complications: Past syndrome is one of the common clinical diseases, which are mostly caused by chronic pelvic pain.Sexual amenorrhea, ovarian atrophy and other complications.

Studies have shown that after acupuncture treatment of 60 patients with early syndrome after syndrome, it was found that the volume of the uterus increased significantly after the treatment of patients with preliminary syndrome and was partially recovered.

Therefore, women can often regulate irregular menstruation and increase the chance of pregnancy.

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