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Hello, Baozi, here is here!Does it feel sour ~

Let’s talk about this emoji, some people may be envious after watching it?

who?Hahahaha -Constipation crowd!

Constipation is really uncomfortable, whoever understands.It is said that this time, the reporter really heard a typical case from the first affiliated hospital of Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Ms. Zhang, who is nearly 50 years old, often has constipation recently. It is only two or three days to "take a warehouse". In severe cases, she even needs to use Kaisu to "assist".Others suggested that she "eat bananas can moisturize the intestines." No. Not long ago, she ate 3 bananas in one breath.

She was looking forward to "the stool came", and the results caused "big trouble" — for the next two days, she always felt abdominal pain, but she still had no intention.On March 24, she found a doctor for consultation. The doctor felt that Ms. Zhang’s abdominal pain was likely to be caused by eating too much banana.Sure enough, after a detailed examination, she was diagnosed with constipation caused by the abrupt end of the rectum and needed surgery.

It is said that eating more fruits is good for your body. What about it?well!The reporter really couldn’t stop this science science’s hands (for everyone’s health, we really broke the heart).In this tweet, let’s talk about "Those things with Polynism."

There are three aspects of the laxative effect of bananas, but "mature is not familiar" is very critical

"The laxative effect of bananas does have it, which is mainly reflected in the following three aspects." Bin Donghua, deputy director of the anorectal department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, introduced it in detail.

Banana flesh contains a large amount of dietary fiber. Most of the dietary fiber cannot be digested and absorbed, and it has the effect of increasing the volume of feces, thereby increasing gastrointestinal motility and giving a laxative effect.

The water -soluble fiber and pectin in bananas can cause the secretion of the gastrointestinal surface liquid and absorb water, which can bring the water into the feces to achieve the effect of softening septic stool.

Water -soluble fibers and pectin also have the effects of inhibiting harmful bacteria growth, maintaining colon function to normal, helping to relieve and treat constipation diseases.

From this point of view, bananas are indeed a set of "bowel movements"!But you know, "different bananas different effects" are also particular about this!

"Only cooked bananas are rich in dietary fiber and have a laxative effect, and raw bananas will even play a reaction. Unpredictable bananas contain more tannic acid, which will inhibit gastrointestinal secretion and inhibit their peristalsis. If photographyIf you enter too much, you will cause constipation or aggravate constipation. "Bin Donghua reminded that when you choose banana to treat constipation, you should pay more attention and buy the" cooked "banana, otherwise you may" add trouble ".

People who are weak should eat less, and be careful not to eat on an empty stomach

Although the banana is good, how to eat it well?"How to eat bananas healthily not only depends not only on personal constitution, but also pay attention to eating. Although bananas have the effect of moisturizing the intestines, they are cold fruits.Hua said.

According to him, traditional Chinese medicine generally divides constipation into four types, namely "hot secrets, qi, cold secrets, and secrets."Specifically, the heat secret is because the virtual fire rises, that is, the usual fire; the qi secret is due to poor breath.Banana is cold, which has a relief effect on these two types of constipation.The cold and secret crowds, the spleen and stomach itself are relatively cold. When you eat bananas, you may be counterproductive. You can eat some nut foods, such as almonds, or eating fruits such as apples and pomegranates to moisturize the intestines.

"How to determine which type of you is, you can go to the hospital for examination, so that you can provide more scientific and effective basis for subsequent prevention and treatment. Do not treat it blindly by yourself." Bin Donghua reminded.

In addition, Chinese medicine believes that the effect of eating bananas to relieve constipation is also different from person to person. Some people are more sensitive, and some people do not have obvious effects after eating."At this time, don’t eat more because of the effect of moisturizing the intestinal, and you must eat bananas. People who have good constitutions and effective bananas are also eaten at most 1 or 2 a day." He said.

You are not "constipation" alone, you can learn these methods

Every day, I have a toilet "uh uh uh", and the constipation hurts and hurts.Now, in fact, many people will have constipation to varying degrees.So, how to prevent it?

"With the irregular life and rest of modern people, more and more people are plagued by constipation." Bin Donghua reminded that in daily life, pay attention to training and bowel habits, develop regular and regular good bowel habits;Diverse, properly matched, eat more coarse grains such as apples, sweet potatoes, corn, oats, buckwheat, and vegetables rich in crude fiber, such as celery, leek, spinach, etc.

In addition, everyone should replenish water in time in life. After getting up every morning, drink an appropriate amount of warm water to soften the intestinal feces. You can also drink a cup of honey water to help the intestinal laxative.At the same time, proper exercise, increase the amount of activity, and promote intestinal peristalsis.

"The problem of constipation can be large or small. If you still cannot solve the symptoms from the above aspects, you should go to the regular hospital for diagnosis and treatment in time to eliminate the intestinal organic disease that causes constipation." Bin Donghua reminded.

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