Less than a month when my husband returned home, his wife was 47 days pregnant, wife: add ovulation period just right

Many families in our real life often make money outside, and women take care of their parents and children at home.Mr. Hu, who lives in Jiangxi, is like this. Originally, the couple and Qin Se and Mingming should live a happy life, but recently one thing made Mr. Hu very troublesome. So what is it?

It turned out that Mr. Hu had been working outside and just returned home 28 days ago, but found that his wife had something wrong with his body. He went to the hospital with his wife to check.collapse.However, Mr. Hu still loves his wife. He returned home to the hospital to question the doctor after he sent his wife home. As a result, the doctor at the hospital was very sure that Mr. Hu’s wife was indeed 47 days pregnant.Mr. Hu was a little unacceptable, but he still wanted to talk calmly with his wife and want his wife to explain to himself. As a result, his wife responded very fiercely and said that Mr. Hu was wronged with her.Mr. Hu felt that the hospital was wrong, so he went to another more authoritative hospital for examination with his wife. As a result, the result of the examination was that his wife had been pregnant for 51 days.So clear, just be able to live, Mr. Hu has collapsed completely.

However, Mr. Hu’s wife has always thought that she was wronged. She said that according to the doctor’s statement, her pregnancy period and ovulation period were very in line with the results of the examination, and she did not do anything sorry for Mr. Hu.Mr. Hu originally wanted to give birth to DNA, but because his wife had not had a cesarean section for two or three years, he couldn’t have the second child so soon, so he had to kill the child again.However, Mr. Hu’s wife has always thought that he was wronged, and this could only be a headless case.

Some netizens think that it is not important whether this child is Mr. Hu. After all, he already has the first child. The main thing is that he has to live a life.

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