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Generally, women will ovulate every month. Before ovulation measuring ovulation, according to their own menstrual cycle, predicting the next menstruation, the ovulation period is generally on the 14th day before the next menstruation.

Count your own ovulation period (the picture comes from the Internet)

Because the sperm can survive for 24-72 hours in the vagina, and the eggs can be fertilized within 24-36 hours after exclusion, 2-3 days before ovulation and 1-2 days after ovulation are susceptible to pregnancy.

Only after some competition, sperm can meet the eggs (the picture comes from the Internet)

If your menstrual cycle is around 28-30 days, you can start from the 10th day of menstruation (not the 10th day of menstruation!).Test it with ovulation test strip once a day. Do not use morning urine, because the best time to measure ovulation is 10-20 points.

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The principle of ovulation test strip is to predict ovulation by monitoring the level of luteal production hormone (LH).Generally (strong positive) after the LH peak in urine will ovulate in 24-48 hours.

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If you find that the test strip is gradually becoming strong, you need to increase the frequency of measurement, it is best to measure every 4 hours.The moment of discovering the weakness of Qiangyang is to find the peak of LH, and you must "act" quickly. The next 3 days will be a critical time.

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Be careful not to drink water 2 hours before ovulation test strips!

Remember not to drink water (the picture comes from the Internet)

1. Irregular menstruation, no found ovulation day, it is best to do B -ultrasound monitoring ovulation

2. When the ovulation test strip is also not sensitive, it can also be monitored at the same time as the body temperature. Then look at leucorrhea. The brushes indicate that ovulation is about to ovulate, and it can also dynamically monitor hormone changes.

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The ovulation test strip can only predict whether it can predict whether ovulation, but it cannot determine whether the ovulation is mature, normal.

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Some people will be uncomfortable during ovulation, slight abdominal pain on one side, and even B -ultrasound found a small amount of pelvic effusion (within 1cm). This is due to the discharge of follicles after ovulation, which is normal.

After ovulation, due to the sharp decline in hormone levels, Kennes can cause a small amount of vaginal bleeding, which generally does not affect conception.

The ovulation test strip is measured before the ovulation bleeding.

In addition, endocrine disorders, suffering from polycystic ovary or are taking hormones, women with steroid drugs should not use ovulation test strips, and the test results will be inaccurate.

If you are taking contraceptives, it is recommended to use ovulation test strips after two months.

Reminder: There is a certain error at a certain degree of ovulation measuring the test strip. It is recommended to go to a professional hospital B -ultrasound to monitor ovulation.

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