Late marriage male wants to give birth to his son to irrigate his wife soda: Hope to improve his physique!Is there a scientific basis for drinking Su Dazheng’s son?

Drinking alkaline water can change your physique and be more likely to have a son?

Recently, a video of a man who married his wife feed soda water for his wife to feed soda in Suqian, which caused heated discussion among netizens ↓

In the video, the Jiangsu man moved the soda into a box to the house, and feeded soda water for his wife who had been married for a few days at any time.

Picture source: second heard video

The man said that this is to hope that soda can improve his physique and let his wife give birth to his son.Because her wife got married at the age of 30, her husband was worried that she would not want to give birth to one, so she hoped that her first child could have a son.

Picture source: second heard video

If the first child is a daughter, they will definitely have a second child, and say that they are not because they are young and young, they are afraid that they can only give birth to one.

The man’s doing what many netizens questioned:

"And said it is not a male light and a woman" … uh, do anyone believe it?

Everyone who has been in school knows that it is a boy and a girl depending on the father, and there are still men and women in this era.

In the comment area, many netizens expressed unswervingly on the behavior of "drinking the Soviet water". ↓

I don’t understand, what does soda and children and men and women have to do

Throughout the king, there is a saying on the Internet about changing the physique with soda water:

Men’s X sperm is more acid -resistant, and the alkaline environment is more conducive to Y sperm; if you want to have a son, drink "alkaline" such as "alkaline" water such as lemonade and soda water before preparing for pregnancy;After the "Creation Action" is completed, the vagina is washed with alkaline solution.

So, is there any scientific basis for drinking Su Dazheng’s son?

According to Dr. Lilac, the pH value of human blood and body fluids is usually between 7.35 and 7.45, which is weakly alkaline.This value can fluctuate in a small area, but too high or too low can cause abnormalities in the body.Therefore, the pH value of the body will not change because of the food they eat.

The most important thing is that during pregnancy, pregnant mothers should have a balanced diet. If you deliberately eat more or eat less food, you will not only change the normal pH value of the human body, but also affect the baby’s growth and development.

Picture source: Oriental IC

In addition, it is also circulating in the workshop. Rinse the lower body with soda water can increase the chance of having a son.However, this will destroy the natural acid -base environment, lead to imbalance in flora, and even cause inflammation. Remember not to try it!

In fact, no matter whether you have a son or a daughter, it has nothing to do with who’s belly, only to genes.When Dad provides x, and the mother’s X, you get XX, give birth to a daughter; when Dad provides Y, plus the mother’s X, you have to have XY and have a son.

If you want to "choose" the sex of the fetus by controlling acid -base, please stop it early ~

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