Knowledge of coldness | What are the symptoms when you are pregnant?

The symptoms of early pregnancy are due to individual differences. Except for menopause, everyone may be different, and there are different durations.

This problem caused fierce discussion as soon as the throwing of Baoma Group, and the response was really different.

The following possibilities appear:

No impact type:

I do n’t know that I am pregnant at all, and I have no change in eating and drinking, and there is even a treasure mother who actually discovered that she was pregnant for more than 5 months, mainly because the pregnant woman had problems in the past.There are irregular bleeding (in fact, the symptoms of threatened abortion) thought that it was irregular menstruation, and I didn’t find it at all. It was not until the stomach became bigger. The doctor was stunned when he went to the hospital for the first time!Fortunately, this expectant mother finally gave birth to a healthy baby.

Slightly discomfort:

Be sleepy, easy to be hungry, fatigue, breast swelling ~

I am all of these.

I have a normal menstrual frequency before pregnancy, but there is a history of severe dysmenorrhea, so I plan to prepare for pregnancy. As the pregnancy weeks increase, symptoms are sorted as follows:

Early period:

Sleepy, weak

Obviously I feel that I am easy to sleep, lack of tiredness, and inadequate spirit.

Abdomen is slightly discomfort+breast swelling

Similar to the feeling of menstruation, I once mistakenly thought that I was going to have menstruation and failed to prepare for pregnancy. My family also deliberately arranged for travel to relax and play. I came back and found that the "captain of the middle" was found.To ring!

feel sick and vomit

40 days of gestational weeks+began to appear nausea, vomiting, dislike greasy, and large foods (such as leek flavor), and the loss of appetite and weight loss began to decrease.

Increased body temperature

In the early stages of pregnancy, the body temperature increased (37-38 degrees). When I went to the hospital, I was told that it was normal. Many pregnant mothers had this symptom. The doctor suggested drinking plenty of water.

Changes in blood pressure/blood sugar and other changes

Some people will have problems such as hypertension/diabetes, or iron deficiency during pregnancy. Do not deal with them by themselves. When necessary, you must go to the consultation in time.

It turned out that the elderly maternal who had basic diseases needed to pay more attention to the doctor throughout the process, fully considering the fetal and self -condition in the abdomen, and comprehensive analysis and treatment.

Different symptoms during pregnancy are related to each person’s physical condition, genetic, and psychological regulation.

In the early stages of pregnancy, if mild discomfort occurs, you can adjust as much as possible, such as:

Divert attention

I have been at work during pregnancy, and busy and orderly work can indeed effectively transfer attention and alleviate the frequency of nausea and vomiting.

Reasonable diet/eat less meals

Do not refuse to eat because of nausea and vomiting. The baby needs nutrition in the belly. The expectant mothers also need physical strength to try as much as possible.

Of course, if the symptoms are severe (such as vomiting cause gastric mucosa bleeding), you need to seek medical treatment in time.

Pay attention to rest

Do not stay up late, the regular schedule, sufficient and high -quality sleep, can help the early pregnancy symptoms.

Be happy

During pregnancy, the mother is in a happy mood. The baby is smarter and beautiful, and it can also greatly reduce the discomfort.

Exercise appropriately

If there are no threatened abortion, the placenta front and other special circumstances, it is recommended that the expectant mothers exercise appropriately, take a walk, and go out of the outdoor to breathe fresh air. It is good for adults and children.

Warm reminder: If there are high fever in the early stages of pregnancy, bleeding, severe pregnancy vomiting (such as gastric mucosa rupture and bleeding), etc., you must seek medical treatment in time, and don’t neglect.

(Don’t forget to go to the hospital in time to confirm the exclusion of ectopic pregnancy in time !!!)

At this time, expectant mothers especially needed her husband’s companionship to comfort support, and spent this special period, and they had a healthy baby safely and smoothly together.

There is no small thing for parenting, scientific parenting, and growing up happily!

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