Knowing what you feel when you are pregnant?Looking forward to and worrying, still feel so kind, which one are you

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When a woman knows that she is pregnant, she may have different situations, different situations, and different moods. Although "pregnancy" is a good thing for the entire family, it is really a happy thing to prepare for the entire family, but if it isIf you are not ready, the prospective parents will be tangled and the mood is more complicated.

For pregnant mothers who have just knew she are pregnant, every day is a challenge. Not only will early pregnancy reactions make the pregnant mother uncomfortable, but also the high incidence of abortion in the early pregnancy. No one knows that tomorrow will be tomorrow.What is it, it can be said that "expectation and worry" is mixed together.

In the early stages of pregnancy, expectant mothers often lack judgments in the face of overwhelming pregnancy information. New areas that have never been exposed to each other, contradictory concepts of pregnancy, and negative information of various fetal hearts will only increase their anxiety.

I do n’t know how to raise the baby ’s baby in the next day. I look forward to the healthy growth of the baby’ s healthy growth every day, and I am worried that there will be an accident during pregnancy."The various pains of childbirth, the nerves of expectant mothers will be tightened.

▶ Beijing mother suggestion:

① Let it be natural and face it easily.

Early pregnancy is the choice process of "survival of the fittest". As long as the embryo quality is good, there will generally not be accidents, and most of the fetal stops or abortion are not good in the embryo itself.There may be problems.Therefore, it is even more recommended to face it easily, and let the baby grow up naturally.

② Do a good job of production on time.

The regular check -ups start from 12 weeks of pregnancy. In the early stages of pregnancy, many pregnant mothers worry about the development of the fetus. They will also test the blood test ketone and HCG.There is no abdominal pain and bleeding, and there are fetal heart buds, so you don’t have to worry about it.

For women who have been unsuccessful for pregnancy, it is not an exaggeration to describe the words such as "dreams to become true".

A small life is bred in your body to connect with your flesh and blood, which is the most amazing experience in life. Little life is so close to you. They trust you and depend on you. At the same time for the mother’s motherResponsibility.The feeling of being a mother was ignorant, but she could cry happily.

Therefore, happily and solemnly welcome the arrival of this little life, he is about to make your life more perfect, and you will soon fill many gaps in your life.No matter what the small life in the belly is, it is the crystallization of your love with your husband. With his existence, your life has been continued. Share this happiness and happiness with everyone.

▶ Beijing mother suggestion:

① While excitement and happiness, pay more attention to rest.

Although pregnancy is a good thing, after all, the embryo in the early pregnancy is not stable, and the fetal stop may occur, and there may be abortion. Therefore, you still need to rest and avoid tiredness.

② Don’t pay too much attention to supplement.

After finally getting pregnant, the elders of many families began to supplement their nutrition, all kinds of food, nutritional products, etc., and various kinds of food mothers to eat.

In fact, the baby in the early pregnancy is just a small embryo. There are not many nutrients required.It can be diet normally on the basis of replenishing folic acid every day as before pregnancy.

Of course, some expectant mothers, after knowing that they are pregnant, think about all kinds of changes, and their emotions will inevitably fluctuate, especially when unexpected pregnancy, expectant mothers will really be overwhelmed; if you encounter it againThe prospective dad, the only joy of the prospective mother will be diluted, and there may be a trough period in life.

In addition, after pregnancy, the level of hormones will increase, and the mothers of expectant mothers will be changed. In addition, the stimulation of early pregnancy reactions will make expectant mothers more anxious, unhappy, and lose her temper, and even often cry.

▶ Beijing mother suggestion:

① Specific mothers are unhappy and sad.

Early pregnancy became very sensitive, unhappy, sad, and even shed tears because of just pregnancy, female body hormone secretion was not coordinated, which affected their emotions.I think about my happiness, and the prospective dad should encourage the expectant mother and face it optimistically.

② Good emotions are the best prenatal education for the fetus.

Do n’t think that the baby ’s baby is in the mother’s belly, and it is still small. I do n’t understand anything. I will secretly unhappy and sneak tears. In fact, as long as the mother is unhappy, she can feel it, and it will have a negative impact on the fetus.

Only when pregnant mothers are happy and optimistic every day, give the baby’s "positive energy" encouragement, and accompany the baby to "break through the barrier" can the baby meet their parents more confidently.

I have just become pregnant. Although the appearance of the expectant mother has not changed, there is a "magical change" in the body. From now on, there is a love and responsibility in life.You should pass good emotions to the fetus so that the baby’s nervous system can be developed and the baby’s physical and mental health is developed.

Therefore, if you find that you are pregnant, you must be happy, spend 280 days of pregnancy with the baby baby, let the baby baby be born safely and healthy.

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