Killer’s fictional identity has been canceled for 15 years and has been revoked to register

□ our reporter Han Yu

□ Dou Xiaofeng Luan Zhongxian, a correspondent of our newspaper

"I did not expect that the husband who has been married for more than ten years is a murderer who has changed his name to change his surname and is out of Xiaoyao.

Recently, the procuratorial organs of Dalian City, Liaoning Province launched a integrated case handling model, supervised the withdrawal of fraud marriage in accordance with the law, and prompted the city’s multiple departments to establish a long -term mechanism for traceability governance to jointly promote the proper handling of administrative cases of rush to replace or fake marriage registration.

The pillow is actually a murderer

"He is a liar, cheated me for more than 10 years, but he did not expect that he had killed people!" The "he" in the mouth of Qian Mou, a resident of Zhuanghe City, Dalian, was the husband who had registered with her for many years.In 2006, Qian Jingren introduced the Hebei man who claimed to be Gao Mou, and the two developed into a lover relationship.In February 2007, Qian Mou and Gao Mou completed the marriage registration procedures. The Zhuanghe City Civil Affairs Bureau issued a marriage registration certificate for him. Since then, the two have lived together and have a daughter.

The seemingly peaceful life was broken on April 8, 2020.On this day, the criminal police officer of the Public Security Bureau of Hebei came to Qian’s house and arrested his husband Gao Mou.It turned out that Gao was not surnamed Gao, but surnamed Zhang.On June 2, 1999, Zhang fled the steel pipe at the construction site of Hebei after he died.During the absconding period, Zhang Mou applied for a false identity certificate for Gao Mou for normal activities.After absconding to Zhuanghe City, Zhang Mou took the name and identity certificate with Gao Mou and had a child with Qian.After Zhang returned to the case, the court sentenced him to the death penalty for intentional homicide, which was executed for two years.

This sudden big reverse made Qian Mou completely stunned. She did not expect that her husband who had married herself for many years not only had a fictional identity, but also killed people.I felt that I was deeply deceived, and I decided to apply to the civil affairs organs to revoke this "absurd" marriage relationship.

In early May 2020, Qian Mou applied to the Zhuanghe City Civil Affairs Bureau for revocation of marriage registration.On May 29 of the same year, Qian Mou filed an administrative lawsuit to the court, asking the Civil Affairs Bureau to withdraw the administrative behavior of marriage and registration of Qian Mou and Zhang (Gao Mou).No case.Qian Mou was not convinced, he appealed, and he did not support it.

On April 9, 2021, Qian Mou filed a civil lawsuit with the court again, demanding that he resolved his children’s support and property issues with Zhang. The court in the first instance rejected the prosecution on the grounds that the relevant disputes were not determined first, and the appeal was not supported again.

Disputes of procuratorial case resolution

After walking so many legal procedures, Qian’s marriage registration has not been revoked. Holding the last line of hope. In May this year, Qian Mou applied to the Dalian People’s Procuratorate for supervision.The procuratorial organs accepted the case.

"After preliminary review, we found that Qian’s prosecution has exceeded the period of the prosecution, and the court ruled that it was not improper, but the case involved in the marriage registration object was obviously wrong and had a significant impact on Qian.Legal and reasonable. "Liu Shihong, the prosecutor handling and deputy director of the 10th Procuratorate of the Dalian City Procuratorate, said that he was not supported by the court’s referee in the court.Regardless of the request cannot be achieved through other channels. In order to break the "air rotation ‘dilemma and effectively arrange the problem for the people, the procuratorial organs decided to carry out the substantial resolution of administrative disputes on the case.

It is understood that the case is the first related case of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and the Ministry of Public Security, and the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the Supreme People’s Court, the Ministry of Public Security, and the Ministry of Civil Affairs.In the case, the Municipal Procuratorate adopted an integrated working model with the Zhuanghe Municipal People’s Procuratorate to form a joint case handling team to carry out investigation and verification.

"During the investigation of the case, we successively retrieved the criminal ruling of Zhang’s intentional homicide case and a question of criminal cases, carefully reviewing the cases involved in civil and administrative referees, and visited Zhuanghe City Civil Affairs Bureau to communicate many times to communicate.Fang Ming, the case of marriage registration. "Fang Ming, the prosecutor of the case handling team and the deputy prosecutor of the Dalian Procuratorate, said that after a detailed investigation and verification, the case handling team fully grasped the specific situation and related details of the case.

On July 6 this year, the Dalian Procuratorate organized a hearing to evaluate whether the Zhuanghe Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau should be revoked by the Zhuanghe Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau.

After the hearing, the Dalian Procuratorate issued a procuratorial suggestion to the Zhuanghe City Civil Affairs Bureau on July 7th and issued a public delivery. It is suggested that the bureau revokes the marriage registration in accordance with the law.Rectify similar issues and standardize marriage registration.Zhuanghe City Civil Affairs Bureau adopted a decision to revoke marriage registration on September 1.Qian Mou is relieved: "I finally no longer be the wife of the murderer!"

Helping the source of the source of the class

While carrying out the substantial resolution of administrative disputes, Zhang asked others to apply for a false identity certificate for him, and the Dalian Procuratorate also transferred the clue of the case to the local public security organs under the jurisdiction of criminal cases, and was recommended to verify it.

Taking this case as an opportunity, how can we solve false marriage registration issues from the source and how to respond to the solution in time after such problems can be solved in a timely manner, which has caused in -depth thinking by the procuratorial organs of Dalian.

The Dalian Procuratorate, together with the Municipal Intermediate People’s Court, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, and the Civil Affairs Bureau, formulated the "Opinions on Establishing an Anti -Over -Equipment or False Marriage Registration Case (Trial)", and transferred to the clue of the clues of the rush of name or fake marriage registration cases., Strengthen the division of responsibilities, information sharing, joint meetings, etc., strengthen cooperation, gather multi -party joint efforts, establish a long -term mechanism for traceability governance, and jointly promote the proper treatment of marriage registration administrative cases.As of now, the procuratorial organs have found clues on similar cases and are being handled.

Wang Lan, a deputy to representatives of the Liaoning Provincial People’s Congress and vice chairman of the Dalian Lawyer Association, commented that marriage registration, as an important carrier of the legalization of husband and wife relationship, has the dual attributes that confirm the relationship between personal and property.In practice, the use of other people’s identity information to register for marriage not only affects the normal order of marriage registration, but also the victims often encounter a problem of rights protection due to the "expired", which causes administrative disputes, and then affects the harmony and stability of social relations.Dalian procuratorial organs have given full play to the administrative procuratorial supervision functions and strengthen the governance of the source of the complaint, and implement effective legal supervision on such behaviors, which fully reflects its efforts and determination to eliminate the elimination of substantial illegal acts, completely resolve legal disputes, and maintain social fairness and justice.

Source: rule of law Daily rule of law network

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