Just pregnant, physical discomfort, how to relieve physical discomfort?

We all know that Baoma is often uncomfortable during conception. For example, it is easy to be nauseous during pregnancy, pregnancy, anorexia, or irritability, suspiciousness, etc., whether it is physical or psychological or emotional aspects.

①: fatigue.

Many Baoma usually feels tired and difficult to be trapped in the first three months of pregnancy. In fact, this kind of problem is generally because the body is too heavy in the body of Baoma and the body is too large.The new owner, and it will have a huge impact on the body during pregnancy, and the expectant mothers are also creating new organs during pregnancy.

②: pregnancy vomiting.

The first thing that many Baoma wakes up in the morning is that vomiting is nauseous. Of course, the degree of pregnancy vomiting is also divided into people. Some people respond stronger, and some people will be slightly mild, and the pregnancy vomiting is also regular.There is no need to worry about the baby’s malnutrition or affecting the baby, so eat it with confidence, and eat it when you are hungry, but if Baoma has always been pregnant, Xiaobian recommends medical treatment and understand the situation.

③: Skin discomfort.

At first, Baoma would feel skin discomfort, especially the abdomen. Because of the large drums, it would have itching of the skin.

④: There are many urine and frequent.

When the uterus grows, it will be squeezed to the bladder, so as long as the bladder feels urine, this will occur. However, if there is frequent urination, you do not need to take any measures or reduce the amount of water drinking. Unless there are other situations, there are other situations.We have to seek medical treatment in time because there may be other problems.

⑤: dry mouth.

Many Baoma will drink a lot of water to replenish the amount of water required for the body, and a lot of water can also discharge the baby’s excrement. The thirst is because Bao Ma needs more water.

⑥: Constipation.

Many Baoma, it is easy to constipation during pregnancy, because hormones have reduced our gastrointestinal movement speed, and the intestinal water points will be absorbed, so it is difficult to discharge. This is also a common problem during pregnancy.

⑦: flatulence and exhaust.

Many pregnant women have a common situation, that is, it is prone to flatulence and farting, because the uterus will compress the digestive organs, and many pregnant women have a common situation, stomach burning.The situation, don’t be surprised why there is such a situation.

We all talk about some problems in the situation of pregnant women above. So what are the problems?

First of all, we need to coordinate daily life and rest, do a good job of planning during pregnancy, eat less meals, and give enough water every day. If you have dizziness and headaches, if it is often, please seek medical treatment as soon as possible.We can massage the abdomen to promote its digestion.

The most important thing for Xiaobian to think that pregnant women and pregnant women are proper exercise. Walking can relieve the fatigue of pregnant women’s physical and mental fatigue. Swimming can also help Baoma to relieve the pressure of the uterus, because swimming can reduce the muscles of the body, but each time it must be controlled.Someone should also take care of it. Yoga is also a good exercise for Baoma, and yoga can alleviate the fatigue of the body, allowing Baoma to regulate her mood. Proper exercise is only beneficial and harmless.

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