Just pay attention to the balanced matching of daily diet and nutrition, how to supplement nutrition in the early pregnancy?

Many mothers are always worried about the fetal nutrition during pregnancy during pregnancy and often make up for special supplements, but in fact too much nutritional supplement will not only cause obesity during pregnancy to cause various pregnancy syndrome, but also increase the occurrence of huge children.probability.Therefore, expectant mothers must learn to replenish nutrition scientifically during pregnancy, avoiding excessive nutritional supplement and leading to obesity.

During pregnancy, expectant mothers need to supplement more nutrition, but in general, as long as you pay attention to the balanced matching of daily diet nutrition, you don’t need to add too many other nutrients.

Let’s take a look, how to supplement nutrition in the early pregnancy?

In the second trimester, the fetus’s brain began to enter the golden period of rapid development. At this time, the demand for DHA will continue to increase. During pregnancy, mothers need to adjust their diet structure. Eat two deep -sea fish, seafood and other DHA foods.Or insist on consumption of Tomson Dr. DHA algae oil supplements to supplement.

Generally speaking, pregnant women’s demand for calcium daily is about 1500mg. It is difficult to achieve daily diet alone, so mothers can supplement them by eating calcium tablets to ensure that the amount of calcium intake is sufficient.Fat.

As long as the mother does not eat, the daily daily diet and vegetarian nutrition is properly matched, and then some nutritional supplements with high demand can be appropriately increased, which can meet the nutritional needs of expectant mothers throughout pregnancy. There is no need to make up for special supplements.

When pregnant, women need to insist on supplementing folic acid for 3 months, and generally add 400 ~ 800 micrograms of folic acid per day, so as to ensure that expectant mothers and fetuses need folic acid.If folic acid is lacking within 3 months of pregnancy, it can cause fetal nerve tube development defects and lead to deformity.

Therefore, in nutrition, it is mainly for the fetus.

However, nutritional supplements are important, but it is also reasonable to be reasonable. It is best to take the nutrition you need by the doctor’s guidance, which will help the fetus development!

The supplement to obtain these nutrients can be supplemented from the high content of food, but in general, the supplementary absorption of food cannot be guaranteed. The absorption of food depends on the gastrointestinal aspect.

What should I pay attention to in the early pregnancy?

Secondly, folic acid and other vitamins should be supplemented in the early pregnancy.

In addition, like when preparing for pregnancy, you still need to persist in taking folic acid in the early stages of pregnancy.

To better ensure that children absorb more nutrition, match the diet reasonably, and control their weight well.

Zinc selenium iodine powder supplements, pregnant mothers need to supplement these trace elements throughout pregnancy to ensure the healthy development of the fetus.

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