Just after the two accounts were delivered, it was suspended!High -temperature days, reporter to experience the day of takeaway riders

In the past June, the high temperature day reached 15 days, breaking the record of a single month in the history of observation.In high temperature weather, the amount of takeaway orders has increased significantly, and the phenomenon of speeding and retrograde of riders also occur from time to time.

What is the experience of delivery of meals under the scorching sun?

What other aspects need to be optimized to send orders on time on time?

Beijing Traffic Broadcast reporter Chen Changsong recently registered as a takeaway rider to see his experiential reports together.

Reporter: Now the temperature in Beijing is 38 ° C. What kind of experience is delivery at high temperature?Let me feel it, let’s go!

After two o’clock in the afternoon, after successfully completing various registrations and reviews, the reporter Chen Changsong wore a helmet, rode an electric car, turned into a rider, and prepared to pick up the order.In previous interviews, he has repeatedly followed the takeaway riders to record their food delivery process.The reason why this time becomes a rider is actually a non -completed interview.

Reporter during meals

At noon last Friday, at the peak of the meal delivery, the reporter met a rider in SOHO in Chaoyang District. He was almost exhausted to express his dissatisfaction with the platform mechanism with the customer service.The reporter wanted to talk to him, but he didn’t even have time to listen to the problem.

Rider: How to do it!

Reporter: Buddy, disturb.

Rider: The list before 11 o’clock is 30 minutes. You stuffed it to me. What kind of thing?

Reporter: Are you anxious?

Rider: anxious, anxious, you can ask others, I’m too busy now, call!

Rider goes counter to/reporter shooting

In recent years, relevant units have gradually improved the importance of new business practitioners represented by outsiders, and the supporting laws, mechanisms and even related services have been continuously improved.Takeaway platforms are also constantly optimizing the algorithm to improve the rider’s meal delivery experience.But at the same time, the rider’s retrograde, the red light, and the electric vehicle walk away.On the West Dawang Road at the evening, at least 30 takeaway riders with different platforms have the above behavior.The riders admitted:

Rider: If you refuse more than 10 orders a day, you must pick up, and you have to deduct your money if you cancel it.

Reporter: If it is over time because of receiving this SLR?

Rider: It takes a second to deduct 40%of the meal fee.

Rider: A lot of retrograde running through the red light, we also know, but the time is too tight.At most, it is 12 orders. If you pick up less, don’t make money.This route is just a recommended route, regardless of whether it is alone.I don’t know what to do.

Waiting for dinner in the restaurant/reporter shooting

Where is the problem?What is the real delivery process?The reporter wants to find the answer on the road -the first order of incarnation of the takeaway brother is to send a fried noodle noodle on Chaoyangmen South Street in Dongcheng District to Beijing Licheng Hotel.

Reporter: I now receive the first single -fried noodle noodles, and I am going to set off for 36 minutes. I set it up first.It seems … I received 2.

Before going to the meal, the reporter received another system assignment.Novice riders have 10 chances to reject such factions every day.However, too much rejection will affect subsequent orders, and even face restrictions or even fines.Fortunately, the second order is also to send the fried noodles of this shop, and the reporter easily clicks to confirm.It was not expected that the test was behind.

Reporter: Hello!221, 222?

Restaurant staff: immediately.

I thought it would be easier to deliver meals during the peak of dining. I didn’t think that this shop had to line up for meals.

Restaurant staff: Come, 221, brother!

Reporter: 221 OK?Which is 222?

Restaurant staff: 222 is this.

Reporter: Okay.

The first order of the reporter

After waiting for 6 minutes, I finally took two orders.

Reporter: I have already got two orders. The fastest requires me to send it within 24 minutes. The second order requires me to send it within 32 minutes. Now hurry up.

It was smooth all the way, and it took more than 8 minutes to reach the end of the first order.

Hotel staff: Hello!Takeaway on the outside stage.

Reporter: Okay.In the call … Hello, is it Mr. Yang?Your takeaway is sent to you downstairs, I can only put it at the door of the door.

Customer: Okay.

Reporter: Thank you!goodbye.

On the map, from Beijing Liping Hotel to the second order, the destination Wangfu Central is only 1.4 kilometers. It only takes 6 minutes to ride an electric car, and it is more than enough for reporters.However, the new distribution list suddenly came again.

Reporter: Let’s have another distribution!You see it shows that my dispatch ranking is less than 80%, because I reject 4 orders 24 hours, which is too high.Let me receive it, I still have 12 minutes left, and the second order may be overtime.If you give this list first, I have to go back.

In order to avoid back and forth, the reporter went to Wangfujing Xindong’an Plaza to take the third order according to the route recommended by the platform.

Reporter: It’s hot, I have been (wet).How many floors … oops!I received another letter!

The reporter was suspended due to the delivery time of the distribution

What are you afraid of coming? When you receive the third order, you receive the fourth order, and the situation has gradually exceeded the control.

Reporter: I dare not refuse again.Let me take it first.I have one and 8 minutes, and there are two people to be available.Where is this lemon tea!Can’t find it.finally!Run, hurry up!That’s too late!

After passing the second order over time, the reporter should take the fourth order in this building at the same time.But the accident happened again.Running to the 4th floor, the merchant stated that they would habitually put the meals to the south gate on the first floor in advance, but ran down the first floor. The reporter did not find the docking staff at the south gate.Return to the first floor.

Employee: Is it at this point just now?

Reporter: I was here just now, and I didn’t see someone.Which 3095 is it?

Employee: Is 3095 a big order?Oh, really.

Reporter: Okay, thank you!Alas, it’s late again!

The non -motorized lanes that appeared on the road were occupied by parking and could not be found in the parking area, which also delayed a while.

Reporter: Many takeaways will stop the car directly on the side of the road. It is very difficult to find a place to stop for a land, and it is full.

Refers to the system distribution order

After about 12 minutes, the remaining two orders in their hands are undoubtedly timeout.The reporter had to order the offline first, and no longer took over.In the process of sending the third order, he encountered a plan for the planning route and the problem that he could not find the customer’s family.

Reporter: I would like to ask how to get from Building 109 along Beihe?

Resident: Go forward along this main road, go north, and turn your left hand.

Reporter: It guides me a retrograde road … Hey, hello …

Customer: Let go of the door.

Reporter: You seem to have no house number.

Customer: The door of the corridor.

Reporter: Okay!Sorry to give you late.

Customer: It’s okay, it’s okay.

Climbing to the 6th floor and running quickly, at the high temperature of 38 ° C, the reporter’s physical strength is obviously not as good as the beginning, soaked in his body, and his calf can’t stop starting to tremble.

Reporter: This single time is 11 minutes, the last order.Today I will send these 4 orders, and I really can’t move.

The last order is more than 10 cold drinks in a large bag.After 15 minutes, I don’t know if the cold drink will become room temperature.While waiting in front of the customer unit, he was full of guilt and anxiety.Fortunately, Miss Qi, who came to pick up meals, did not blame.

Miss Qi: Because I invite everyone to drink, I am quite anxious.

Reporter: I apologize to you again, sorry.

Miss Qi: It’s okay, it’s okay. At that time, I saw (on the map) When you were turning, I thought, after just when I just joined the industry, I couldn’t find a place, but I was a little anxious.But when I came down, I felt that this was really too hot, and thank you very much.

4 The actual income after the single match is delivered

After more than 2 hours, 4 orders were run, and the income was 21.7 yuan.And because of the three single -out -offs of 8.32 yuan, the actual income was 13.38 yuan.It is not easy to deliver meals, and the reporter finally realized.

Reporter: Takeaway distribution is a complete system. When you really experience it, you will find that there are many unexpected things, involving the business of merchants, the problem of road environment, and some behaviors of all traffic participants.Of course (also involved) the algorithm of the platform, the familiarity of takeaway riders, and the ability to grasp the situation of how many orders can be sent. Only in all aspects can be optimized as much as possible can all parties reach a very good experience.Essence

4 Related income and deduction of single -matching

Regarding reporters Chen Changsong and the riders encountered the main problems, Meituan and Hungry Moly Platform stated that they would improve their rider’s traffic safety awareness through normal safety training and governance.Continue to optimize the relevant rules of the poor evaluation and assessment, and the timeout of the non -rider can be exempted afterwards, and the complaint mechanism can be continuously improved to better protect the rights and interests of riders and customers.In addition, through the distribution of smart helmets, etc., the rider’s operation convenience and distribution security are further issued.

We look forward to further improvement of the relevant optimization measures of the platform.Please also ask citizens to be more considerate and tolerant of the riders.I also hope that the riders can take care of their bodies and regulate the distribution within the range that they can do. The weather is too hot, let’s run slowly.

Reporters Chen Changsong, Zhang Sannan

Source: Beijing Radio and Television Station

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