Jay Chou announced the good news of Kun Ling Huai. Kun Ling is very pregnant, and the family of five will be ushered in the family of five years.

Jay Chou and Kun Ling are a very low -key loving couple in the entertainment industry. They already have two babies, and they now have good news of the third child, and they will soon usher in their third child.Essence

Recently, Kun Ling, who has always appeared in, has always appeared in her husband Zhou Jay -Jay Chou to celebrate her birthday. She was happy to send blessings and took a photo of two people.Judging from the photos, Kun Ling was naturally nestled in Jay Chou’s arms, and a happy smile was envious of others.The dresses of the two were also very matched that day, especially on their feet wearing the same couple shoes.

Some careful netizens found that Kun Ling, who has always been hot, wrapped his good figure this time, and dressed very strictly. It is difficult to not make people guess whether the two have good news.

When everyone was still speculating, the Taiwan media suddenly broke the news, claiming that Kun Ling’s sister revealed that Kun Ling had pregnant with her third child and had been pregnant for two or three months.The two have been working together for seven years since they got married in 2015. They have ushered in a daughter and a son. They have a very happy family of four. Is it really going to usher in the third baby now?

Seeing the good news of the third child, Jay Chou quickly came out to respond, and generously shared the good news of himself and his wife Kun Ling with generosity.

From the response of Jay Chou, it can also be seen that he is about to be the joy of his father again. He wrote on his social platform, "I originally wanted to say that I was born again."" ".In the three words, the good news of Kun Ling has the good news of pregnancy. At the same time, as a singer, he responded to the words "pregnancy".

Judging from the photos of Jay Chou himself, Kun Ling’s pregnant belly is quite obvious, and it does not seem to be two or three months.Although she was pregnant with her baby, her legs were still slender, and the self -cultivation of female stars was really enviable.Kun Ling’s hand gently stroked his pregnant belly, his face was full of love and petting as his mother.Jay Chou on the side is playing treasure, and he looks very happy.

There is a 14 -year -old age gap between Jay Chou and Kun Ling. Many people are not optimistic when they are together, but they have gone through the itching of each other by the love between each other.EssenceIn Jay Chou’s eyes, Kun Ling is his favorite princess.

During the seventh anniversary of marriage, Jay Chou also issued a post to thank Kun Ling for giving him a happy home.Even Jay Chou, who is as powerful as the king, is just a child of a love family in front of the gentle Kun Ling.Kun Ling also responded, "I like to bother you, and it will continue in the future." What kind of fairy love is this?

Not only is he loved his wife Kun Ling, Jay Chou also loves the two children.Several notes knocked on the piano keys on the piano, Jay Chou could write it into a beautiful song to give it to the child.He is usually with his son, and he is more like a child who has not grown up to play and grow with his son without a shelf.

Such a happy family of four is about to usher in a new little life. Although I do n’t know the gender of the child, I can imagine how happy it would be after he came to this house.I hope that their family can continue to live happily and healthy, and welcome the little brother or younger sister as soon as possible.

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