Japanese scientists have successfully breed off their offspring with two male mice, and will still conduct human trials in the future?

Recently, a successful test of Japanese biologists has aroused attention from the scientific community:

The team led by Lin Keyan, a professor of biology at the University of Kyushu, successfully cultivated 7 new mice in the laboratory.

The seven mice were breeded from the genetic material provided by the father of two male mice.

In other words, this is the first mouse in the world with only biological father and no biological mother!

Many experts believe that this kind of successful technology can be applied to humans in time.

In the near future, this technology can not only help infertility people, but also allow two men (or women), but also bred their own biology offspring …

And this process is simply, trying to make a way to allow the genetic materials provided by the two male mice, in line with the natural laws of mammals reproduce.

Most mammals, including humans, are naturally reproduced. Simply put, the females provide a pair of germ cells containing a pair of XX chromosomes, and the combination of germ cells containing XY two chromosomes provided by male can successfully bred the next generation.

The germ cells provided by the two male mice are XY, and there is no ready -made XX. How can they bred the next generation?

In this regard, the Lin Keyan team has developed a trick to "Hua Xiong into a female" and convert XY cells into XX cells.

Professor Lin Keyan

They first extracted the skin stem cells of a 8 -week -old male mouse. Most of these cells were normal cells containing two XY chromosomes.

However, there are also some stem cells that may have chromosomal deletions. Lin Keyan deliberately selected those Y chromosomes, and only one X chromosome cell.

After that, they controlled these stem cells to copy the remaining X chromosomes. In this way, these cells originally contained only one X chromosome, so they were artificially copied into a pair of stem cells containing a pair of XX chromosomes.

At this moment, the newly generated XX stem cells contain two X chromosomes, that is, after some operation, it becomes a stem cell with female characteristics!

Professor Lin Keyan is like this. Through the male mice, only one X chromosome stem cells are provided to create a stem cell with two chromosomes containing XX, with female characteristics!

With the successful "degeneration" XX stem cells, the rest is easy to handle. Just find XY’s germ cell binding to cultivate offspring.

Professor Lin Keyan has cultivated these artificial female XX stem cells into egg cells with reproductive function.

Use another male mouse’s germ cell XY (sperm) to bred these egg cells, and successfully achieved pregnancy.

In this way, a male mouse was transformed with a transformed egg cells, combined with another male mouse cells, and finally gave birth to a new life.

This "double male reproduction" has been bred that more than a dozen offspring came out. These mice have female male and male, and eventually seven mice have successfully survived.

This experiment was written as a paper by the team of Professor Lin Keyan and published it in the "Scientific Journal" not long ago.

Speaking of which, Professor Lin Keyan’s original intention was to find a new way to find Turner Syndrome.

Turner syndrome is a disease that only affects women. When a woman’s X chromosomes are missing, they will occur.Infertility often occurs in infertility.

Professor Lin Keyan hopes the most critical step in the test

—— Copy X chromosomes in the cell can be used for Turner syndrome treatment.

However, in the eyes of many experts, this test is more significant:

Two people of the same gender can also combine their own offspring.

Of course, in Professor Lin Keyan himself, this technology is only a matter of time for human beings. They have planned that in the next ten years, this technology will make this technology a breakthrough in humans.

Perhaps in the near future, two biological father or mothers are also possible.

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