It’s not a dream after pregnancy, it’s not a dream, keep in mind the golden law of slimming

Being a mother is the happiest and most tired moment of every woman.Mother’s love halo is not worth all kinds of troubles.The postpartum "bucket waist" and "elephant legs" are almost the troubles that every mother must face!Many novice mothers wear body -shaping clothes, but how to wear postpartum is right?

Most women have a child with a child, and they have a tendency to go away.In order to restore the good figure in the past, many Baoma rely on diet, eating weight loss pills and other means to achieve weight loss, but it is actually very unfavorable to her own health.Not only does their own nutrition cannot keep up, it will also cause children to suffer, and in severe cases, they will also cause various post -pregnancy complications.

Although high -intensity weight loss exercises cannot be performed during the confinement, proper exercise is actually feasible.You can choose a small type of movement, such as stretching, walking slowly, and turning the body.Don’t underestimate this small amount of exercise. These exercises can alleviate postpartum fatigue and body soreness, which has great benefits to pregnant mothers.

After confinement, it is the "golden period" that reshape the former good figure.You can start aerobic exercise such as yoga and cycling.The combination of sports and slimming products can make the effect of weight loss.

From the perspective of health, a month after a month can wear body jackets and hip pants, and the body shaping clothes can be stressed to the body, but the pregnant mother who can tighten pine fat.Clothing.Caesarean section is restored to the best state after six months of childbirth.

When wearing a body jacket, maintain the hygiene of the body clothes, and also pay attention to the breathable effect.Excessive calories and excessive sweat may cause wound inflammation, so they must be replaced and kept dry.And the natural rubber -based body -shaping jacket is extremely breathable and better, which can make mothers fall in love with waist.

Postpartum body recovery is a problem that plagues many women, and it has achieved weight loss as soon as possible.Some mothers may use diet to lose weight.But pay attention to blind diet, only make the mother’s body weaker, lack sufficient nutritional supply, and even reduce the quality of milk.

The effect of diet may be obvious for a short period of time. It is easy to rebound in the future and will cause various complications. It is harmful to the body of the pregnant mother. After pregnancy, the mother should not over -pursue the speed.Pay attention to a moderate diet, and the food composition should follow: the principle of "high protein, high vitamin, low sugar and low fat".

The reasonable combination of confinement meals should be taken into account, and the thickness should be taken into account, and the fruits should be appropriately supplemented.Such as shrimp, fried meat, bamboo shoots, soup doll vegetables, millet porridge, and miscellaneous buns, are all good choices with Moonon meals.In addition, after pregnancy, breastfeeding will not only help the baby’s development, but also prevent postpartum obesity.

After giving birth, pregnant mothers are best to sleep for 6 hours at night and 1 hour nap. Sleeping a day is basically guaranteed.Sleeping too much and too much can cause sugar substances to accumulate in the body of the pregnant mother in the form of fat, which causes obesity problems.According to scientific research, mothers who have a sleep time of more than 6 hours are not easy to increase their weight after giving birth.

But in fact, novice mothers need to feed their children, and the quality of sleep at night will be greatly reduced.At this time, the child needs to develop the habit of sleep alone. First, let the child feed and put it in a small bed to make the baby familiar with the environment. She can slowly develop the habit of playing alone and falling asleep.

In order to promote your good sleep, using shoulder and neck massage instruments before falling asleep can improve sleep quality.And with a latex pillow with a cervical spine, it can help correct the problem of the damaged cervical spine, and improve the quality of night sleep.

Postpartum pregnant mothers scientifically lose weight, keep in mind these three golden rules!

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