It’s incredible!Langfang women’s toilet for 5 minutes gave birth to a child, but she didn’t know she was pregnant!

On February 8th, Langfang, Hebei!

A company of a company is cleaning the office. This house was originally made into a miscellaneous house. Now clean up and use it for office!

Everyone was working seriously, and the next scene shocked everyone’s chin!I saw the female worker who was cleaned and said to go out to the toilet. Before he finished speaking, he ran out. It looked very anxious!

In less than five minutes, the baby’s cry came from the bathroom next door!Everyone was wondering, where is the baby?Several women went in the bathroom, and when I heard someone called, your husband, you come, I came to life!

It turned out to be a cleaned female worker who just went to the toilet.

Everyone feels too incredible: Is the child born like this?What do you think of those who are as having a child like a ghost door?

Everyone hurriedly helped the woman call the 120 ambulance call, and at the same time, the woman’s husband, Mr. Lu, also arrived!Someone blame Mr. Lu. Your wife is about to give birth. You still let her come out. Is it like a word?

I saw Mr. Lu’s grievances, we really don’t know if we were pregnant!As soon as this remark, everyone was uproar: Do you not know if your wife is pregnant?Didn’t your wife tell you?

Just listening to Mr. Lu’s wife said that this can’t blame Lao Lu, even I don’t even know that I am pregnant!Everyone was stunned!There are such careless parents in the world!

Mr. Lu’s interface said that before they had tested the pregnancy stick, they all showed a bar, and they did not test them three times in a row!There are three children in total at home, 14 years old, 12 years old, and the pressure is relatively large!

Everyone helped Mr. Lu to lift her wife into the stretcher. After hearing this, the doctor was still impossible!How can I not know if I am pregnant?And even more outrageous, it was even more incredible to give birth to the child with calmness!

I watched the news before that there was a woman in the United States with obese, weighing 400 pounds, and I did n’t know when I was pregnant. I only gave birth to a child later.Some doctors have inferred that she may be caused by too fat, which caused the characteristics of pregnant women to be not obvious. This is a good understanding, but this situation is rare in this situation of Mr. Lu’s wife!

I really answered that sentence: There is nothing in the world!

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