It’s embarrassing to have athlete!If you don’t escape the 6 "scourge", you will be easily shameful when you take off your shoes

In fact, many people in life have athletes, and they have paid more attention to their daily life. It is still easy to repeat repeatedly, which has troubled many people.Once athletes occur, various discomfort symptoms will occur, such as itching at the foot, especially the itching between the toes; there is a burning feeling; there is odor (generally caused by bacteria);Dandruff and falling off; redness, whiteness, and blisters may also be accompanied by blisters.

1. It is related to the special anatomical structure of the feet.

The human body’s feet are more developed, sweating more, and does not contain sebaceous glands. Enzymes and antibodies cannot be secreted to protect the skin of the feet.Therefore, slightly alkaline feet skin will help the growth of fungi.In addition, the stratum corneum of the foot is relatively thick, and it contains a lot of collagen, which also provides rich nutrition to promote fungal growth.

2. It is related to the climate.

Especially in the southern region, the hot weather is relatively long and the climate is warm, which can easily cause fungal infection.

3. It is related to wearing shoes.

If the environment of work is humid and the temperature is high, you often wear rubber shoes or boots, which can easily cause ringworm disease.If you often perform physical exercise and other activities, you can wear a relatively closed shoes such as sneakers for a long time, and your feet may be humid and humid, and it is easy to cause fungal infection.

4. It is related to living habits.

Likes barefoot, like to wear other people’s slippers, socks and shoes of others, these do not care about hygiene behaviors can easily cause fungal infections and foot athletes.

5. It is related to the low resistance of the body.

(1) Many pregnant women have athlete problems during pregnancy. In fact, these people have always had fungal existence on their feet. When they usually have strong resistance, they will not develop diseases.It will develop.

(2) Poor physical health, and the cause of the disease for a long time to take corticosteroids, antibiotics, immunosuppressants and other drugs, which will also reduce the immune capacity and easily cause athletes.

6. It is related to irregular foot therapy care

Many people like to go to foot therapy shops for sufficient therapy to relax their bodies. However, it is undeniable that there will be an irregular foot therapy shop. Some disposable tools cannot be "one -guest and one change". In this way, cross -infections will occur through tools.

1. In life, pay attention to prevention, wear breathable shoes, and pay attention to personal hygiene.Pay attention to diet, supplement vitamin B1, such as various types of grains, beans, meat, and nuts contain more vitamin B1.

2. If you are mild foot gas, you can dilute your feet with acetic acid (weak sterilization ability), potassium permanganate (strong sterilization ability), or use antifungal drugs, such as Lan Meiosu, Mark, Patson ointment, Dakinin, etc.Essence

3. If it is moderate beriberi and erosive foot air, you can use Ivakkang frustration, lianzhenbenal frustration, hydrochloride and other drugs.

4. If it is severe beriberi, pay attention to the combination of oral and external drugs for treatment. Generally, it needs to be treated for 4-7 weeks in a row.However, this drug may increase the burden on liver and kidney, so we must take medicine under the guidance of a doctor.

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