Itching of the skin during pregnancy leads to a warning in the fetus!

Extremely itchy

Pregnant women during pregnancy have paid attention. Especially after 30 weeks of pregnancy, when you have continuous skin itching, you usually start with palms and feet, and then the lower limbs, upper limbs, and abdomen skin.At night, when the day is light, this situation occurs. The elderly at home will say that this is the fetal poison, which causes itching of the skin. This is a serious misleading. Once this symptom is occurred, you need to go to the hospital immediately.A very severe and dangerous disease-specific disease of pregnancy-intrapatic stasis (ICP) during pregnancy (ICP).

See below

Let me introduce it to you that the incidence rate is low (0.1-15.6%) in the liver stasis during pregnancy, and there are obvious regional and ethnic differences.Patients, the cause of its disease is unclear, it may be related to the level of female hormones, which is very dangerous. It can cause the fetus to be hypoxic or even death.

1. Ital of pregnancy and itching starts, scratching scratches, and relieving 24-48 hours after delivery.

2. Light jaundice, clinical manifestations of most patients do not have the clinical manifestations of jaundice.

3. Insufficient gallbladder salt secretion of fat -soluble digestion, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, diarrhea, etc. occur, and some patients do not perform typical.

Clinical diagnosis standard:

1. Itching of skin during pregnancy (excluding skin diseases during pregnancy)

2. Efficacy of serum bile acid or mild transaminase-moderate (about three times the normal value) increase (excluding liver and gallbladder system disease and other severe liver disease)

3. It can be accompanied by mild jaundice.

4, fat -soluble indigestion.

5. ICP requires postpartum retrospective correction diagnosis: ICP symptoms and their biochemical abnormalities quickly disappear or return to normal after giving birth, and check liver function and bile acid level 10 days after delivery.If the birth of abnormalities continues 6 weeks after birth, potential hepatobiliary diseases need to be excluded.

Clinical score:

1. Mild serum total bile acid & ge; 10-40umol/L; clinical symptoms are mainly skin itching without obvious other symptoms.

2. Severe serum total bile acid & ge; 40umol/L; clinical symptoms are severe itching; accompanied by other circumstances, such as multi -fetal pregnancy, hypertension during pregnancy, recurrence ICP, and those who have died of siege due to ICP; early hairstyle ICP.

Pay attention to itching during pregnancy

At 35 weeks and after pregnancy, the ICP fetus enters the peak of death.In the process, pay full attention to the first of death, is an irregular contraction, or amniotic fluid pollution, because the bile is acidic in the body and stimulates the uterine contraction. It may last as long as 1 minute or 2 or 2.In minutes, pregnant women do not feel abdominal pain and contractions. Therefore, the fluffy cavity cannot be updated in time, causing hypoxia in the fetus, and even in the palace, which will cause dysfunction of maternal coagulation, leading to postpartum bleeding), so, Our clinical obstetrics and gynecology doctors and pregnant women must pay attention to itching of pregnancy in order to diagnose early diagnosis, pay attention to monitoring and evaluating the disease, monitor contraction in real time, and capture the signs of fetal hypoxia, give drug treatment, and terminate pregnancy in a timely manner.

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