It ’s time to go to the melon seeds, but 5 people do not recommend eating more, or it is not good for health. It is well known to know

Over time, it has been approaching the end of the blink of an eye; every year, people will be extremely busy at this time, and they travel through the market every day to buy New Year goods. Among them, the seeds are one of the essential New Year’s goods.

Every year, melon seeds can be seen in each household. When watching the drama or chatting with others, melon seeds are one of the essential snacks. It can help people relieve boring.However, despite this, melon seeds are not suitable for everyone. Among them, 5 types of people are not suitable for eating seeds and eating melon seeds often, which may adversely affect physical health.

[What are the benefits of eating melon seeds]

1. Supplementary nutrition

Melon seeds are common foods in life, with high vitamin content, rich in protein and vegetable oil.

After consumption, it can be quickly absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract, enhance physical fitness, and has a very good effect on physical deficiency caused by low immunity or lack of nutrition.

2. Moisture intestinal laxative

Melon seeds mainly refer to sunflower seeds, and melon seeds contain more nutrients, such as a variety of vitamins, protein, fat, etc.

These substances can help intestinal peristalsis, especially the fat in the seeds, which can play a laxative role.Therefore, eating a small amount of melon seeds can not only avoid getting angry, but also help alleviate constipation.

3. Reduce blood pressure and blood lipids

The content of potassium, iron, and zinc in the seeds of melon seeds is also relatively high. The appropriate amount of potassium can resist the boosting effect of sodium, and the alcohol and phospholipids in the seeds of the seeds can also effectively suppress the synthesis of human cholesterol. It is also suitable for hyperlipidemia and high blood pressurecrowd.

It can be seen that melon seeds can be said to be the "guardian of the heart" of our human body.

4. Help digestion

Melon seeds can stimulate the taste buds on the tip of the tongue. The most important thing is that the melon seeds can completely "wake up" the tongue, so that the tongue is in a very excited state, and it will spread to the digestive organs.

Human saliva and some gastric fluids containing digestive enzymes are significantly stronger, so from this perspective, eating some melon seeds before meals can promote appetite. Eating melon seeds after meals can promote food digestion.

[Do you get fat if you eat melon seeds]

Many people like to eat melon seeds. Melon seeds are very common casual snacks in people’s daily life. Especially when watching TV series, many people like to eat melon seeds while chatting with people, which will make people feel very relaxed.

However, I do n’t know if I have considered such a question. Will eating melon seeds get fat?

Eating melon seeds will make people gain weight, and people may feel that the seeds of melon seeds are small, so they will ignore its high calories.But in fact, the seeds are a kind of nut foods, which contain relatively high fat and calories. Therefore, eating melon seeds often causes too much calorie intake and easily leads to fat accumulation.

In addition, because the volume of melon seeds is relatively small, many people are not easy to control the intake when eating, and they will eat more at a time, so if you like people who eat melon seeds very much, it is easy to gain weight.

[Will eating melon seeds aggravate the symptoms of coughing]

Cough patients should cooperate with doctors to regulate the cause, and cough can be divided into acute cough, subacute cough and chronic cough according to the occurrence time.Acute cough is generally less than 3 weeks. The main causes are normal colds, acute bronchitis, etc.; Subacute cough refers to cough that lasts 3-8 weeks. The common cause is cough after infection; coughs for more than 8 weeks are called chronic cough.The main causes include pneumatic cough syndrome, cough mutant asthma, eosinophilic bronchitis, and gastroesophageal reflux cough.

Usually coughing and eating melon seeds will aggravate the condition, because after eating melon seeds, fine crumbs may occur when swallowing. These parts will stimulate the pharynx, induce symptoms such as itching, dry mouth, and sore throat, which will eventually lead to worse cough.

Generally speaking, it is not recommended to eat melon seeds when coughing. If it is really necessary, it is recommended not to have too much intake of melon seeds, and do not eat too much salty melon seeds to avoid stimulating the throat and aggravating dry throat symptoms.

If the symptoms of cough after eating melon seeds are worse, and obvious itching and pain appear in the pharynx, you need to stop eating melon seeds and drink some warm water.

1. People with abnormal liver and gallbladder function

For people with poor liver and gallbladder function, it is not recommended to eat melon seeds. If it takes blindly, it is likely to increase the burden on the body organs.In addition, after entering the body, the oil seeds of melon seeds will also cause certain damage to the liver, hoping to "merciless".

2. Patients with hyperlipidemia

The elevation of blood lipid itself will accompany the height of the blood concentration. If you eat melon seeds often, the blood concentration may increase.Therefore, patients with hyperlipidemia should also eat as little or not melon seeds as much as possible. Be sure to pay attention not to joke with health.

3. Patients with diabetes

Diabetes is a complication of hyperglycemia and a chronic cardiovascular disease. If there is diabetes, it must be treated and conditioned in time.For diabetic patients, it is best not to eat seeds, because it may affect the stability of blood sugar.

4. People with poor gastrointestinal function

Melon seeds are a relatively special food. In the process of digestion, it is likely to produce a certain amount of gas, cause bloating, and may increase the burden on the stomach.Therefore, people with poor gastrointestinal function should also eat as little or not melon seeds as much as possible. I hope that such people can treat them correctly, and don’t take it seriously.

5. Loss

The oil content in the melon seeds is actually very high. If you eat melon seeds often, people who lose weight will affect the effect of weight loss. At the same time, it may lead to failure to lose weight. Therefore, people who lose weight should eat less or not to eat melon seeds.

1. Bright -colored meat products

At the festival, meat is essential. Therefore, most people will arrange various meat products, such as sausages, bacon, sauce, braised pork, etc., and arrange in the list of New Year’s goods.

However, when choosing these meat products, you will find that some of them look particularly beautiful and bright in color, making people want to buy very much.However, please remember that the color of the normal pickled meat products looks natural and there is no bright feeling. If so, a large amount of nitrite is likely to prevent the meat from deteriorating, but also improves the color of the meat.Essence

Eating some foods with nitrite exceeding the standard will cause harm to the body. Therefore, buying meat products in the New Year should not only pay attention to the appearance. It is recommended to buy less colorful meat products.

2. Buy less dry goods with odor and discoloration

The annual closure is coming, and various dry goods are also selling, such as dried seafood, dried fungi, dried vegetables, some seasonings, etc. In general, after the food is dry, it can extend the shelf life and increase some special flavors. You can buy it with confidence.However, there are some unscrupulous merchants in the market that smoked and dry food with sulfur to make it look more attractive and prevent it from rot.

These dry goods smoked with sulfur will smell a unpleasant sour smell. If you rub it on your hands for a while, it will be easy to leave color, leaving pale yellow marks on your hand.Therefore, when choosing the dry goods of the year, please smell more and buy less dry goods with odor and discoloration.

3. Buy less milk drinks

If you do n’t pay attention to distinguishing milk and milk drinks when you go to the supermarket, you can easily cause buying a drink to go home and drink sugary drinks instead of pure milk.

You can judge from two aspects: the first is to look at the product name. The packaging of milk drinks will be marked with the words "drinking" and "drink"; the second is to see the ingredient table. In the ingredients table of pure milk, the first item is generally generalIt is raw milk, and in the ingredients table of milk drinks, the first item is water; do not buy these drinks as pure milk.

4. Buy less cocoa snacks

Chocolate is a snack that many people like to eat, especially for children. Usually parents do not allow snacks, and they are not so strict in the Spring Festival.The core raw material for making chocolate is cocoa butter, but there are currently some chocolates made of cocoa butter alternatives in the market, commonly known as cocoa fat chocolate.

Compared with pure cocoa butter, album cocoa is a product made of vegetable oil hydrogen. Hydrogenated vegetable oil is one of the most important food sources of trans fatty acids. It is not easy to be digested and absorbed by the human body.harm.Therefore, when choosing snacks such as chocolates, don’t forget to look at the ingredient table. Try to choose the ingredient table without "album cocoa", and you buy less cocoa crickets.

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