It is said that the body temperature will rise after pregnancy. It turned out to experience such a process, and the knowledge increased.

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Xiao Luo began to prepare for pregnancy after marriage. During her pregnancy, she always had the habit of recording her body temperature every day.Last month, I found that the body temperature had risen for a while, so I thought about whether it was pregnant, and the results were really.This remembers that menstruation has not come for more than half a month, and the whole family is very happy.In fact, one of the symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy is that the basic body temperature of women will rise, but because this change is not obvious, women who do not record the temperature habit will basically not be discovered.So why do women have a higher physical temperature after pregnancy?

After pregnancy, the reason for the increase in body temperature

In fact, the body temperature of women will change to a certain amount as the physiological period changes.After ovulation, the ovaries will form luteum, and then progesterone will begin to secrete.After the combination of sperm and eggs, progesterone is still secreting progesterone.And progesterone can increase the body temperature of pregnant women and maintain it for a long time.

During pregnancy, changes in the temperature of pregnant women

After being pregnant, the body temperature of pregnant women is relatively stable, and the temperature will increase by 0.3-0.5 degrees Celsius than before. The body temperature of the pregnant woman will basically remain around 37 degrees Celsius.This body temperature will continue until the middle of pregnancy. From 4 months of pregnancy, the body temperature of pregnant women will slowly return to normal levels.If pregnant women have a temperature and low body temperature, it is necessary to pay attention at this time. This may be caused by lack of luteal. Pregnant women are best to go to the hospital for examination.If the temperature rises too much, it may be that pregnant women have a fever, and they must go to the hospital in time.

How can women detect their body temperature changes?

In fact, in many cases, human body temperature can reflect the health of the body, so those who are not in good physical condition, or women who are preparing for pregnancy can develop such a habit.When will the body temperature be more reliable?Women need to measure body temperature at a fixed time every day. Generally, when they do nothing after getting up early, the first thing is to measure body temperature.Then persist, and find that the body temperature changes should be considered.

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Tao Ma said: In fact, after the pregnancy, the body of women will change a lot, but I do n’t pay much attention so I did n’t find it.If you are preparing for pregnancy, you need to observe your physical changes in about 10 days in the same room. Don’t know if you are pregnant.

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