It is not that only children will miss zinc!Zinc deficiency has a great impact on fertility

Trace element zinc is the essential nutritional element of the human body, which is related to the activity regulation of dozens of enzymes in the body.Because children’s picky eaters or improper feeding of parents, children are often prone to zinc deficiency, affecting their growth and development.However, zinc deficiency is not the patent of children. If adults have improper diet, zinc deficiency will occur, and the consequences of zinc deficiency in adults may be much more serious than children.

What about adult zinc deficiency?Men will not be able to get pregnant, women will be blocked

What is the use of zinc for the human body?Dr. Liu Pengju, the Department of Nutrition Department of Peking Union Hospital, introduced the importance of zinc to the human body in an previous interview.Normal sexual maturity. Zinc can also help maintain normal taste and smell function and promote appetite. Zinc is the most obvious trace element that has the most obvious impact on immunity. It also protects the normal development of the skin and mucous membranes. It can promote the healing of wounds and mucosal ulcers."

Therefore, when children lack zinc, they will affect growth and development, and when zinc deficiency, it will have a significant negative impact on sex and fertility.

For men, zinc, as a necessary element for male reproduction, will directly participate in a series of processes such as sperm production, maturity, activation, and ability.If zinc deficiency, men may have problems with less essence and lack of energy, and can affect sexual abilities and even cause infertility.

For women, zinc deficiency may cause problems such as dry hair split, rough skin, and map tongue. At the same time, the impact on sex also exists, which can cause women to decrease or even indifferent.Zinc deficiency has a large negative impact on women who are pregnant, which can lead to aggravation of pregnancy reactions, delayed development of fetal fetus, increased childbirth complications, and increased fetal malformation rates.

How to effectively replenish zinc?Experts recommend foods rich in zinc -rich

Liu Pengju said that the most prominent type of food rich in zinc is meat, such as oysters, squid, red meat, animal liver and other zinc content. ThereforeThe condition of zinc appears.

If you want to effectively supplement zinc, you should first eat more zinc -rich meat, and if you do not eat meat, Liu Pengju suggested that you can eat more grains, such as peanuts, sesame seeds, etc. In additionIt can also achieve the purpose of zinc supplement.

In addition, Liu Pengju emphasized that in order to effectively replenish zinc or avoid zinc deficiency, it is also essential to cultivate good eating habits. "In addition to eating more zinc -containing foods in a proper diet, you should also pay attention to avoid eating long -term food as much as possible for long -term eating as much as possibleRefined food, diet paid attention to thickness, etc.: Do not picky eaters, do not have partial eclipse, and diverse diets. If zinc lacks are serious, you can supplement it under the guidance of a doctor. "

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