It is not successful for 10 months of pregnancy. Is it a "normal range"?What factors are affected by slow speed?

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Many newly -married young couples are now paying more and more attention to pregnancy. After all, it is good for adults and children through scientific preparation.

However, unswary couples will encounter difficulties in the process of preparing for pregnancy, and it is the most common problem to be successful.Who is the question?How long is successful?First look at the examples of the people around you.

Some time ago, the pregnant mother Wei Wei privately told me her pregnancy story.Wei Wei and Xiaoxuan are good girlfriends. They have been tacitly tacit for many years, and even getting married are endless.

Wei Wei got married at the beginning of the year, Xiaoxuan got married in the middle of the year, and the two felt a step closer.

At Xiaoxuan’s wedding, Wei Wei and her husband did not drink. The students thought that the husband and wife were not interested enough. In fact, they were preparing for pregnancy.After knowing it, Xiaoxuan said that he would speed up the pace, so that he could conceive the baby together, and the child would be a playmate in the future.

Xiaoxuan and her husband liked their children particularly. After marriage, they did not wait for the elderly to urge both parties, so they started a pregnancy plan.

I thought that Weiwei would succeed first first. As a result, Xiaoxuan was pregnant with her baby 3 months after marriage. Seeing Xiaoxuan’s belly, Wei Wei was anxious but his stomach was not seen.

When Xiaoxuan was 7 months pregnant, Wei Wei measured the "two bars". At this time, she started to prepare for pregnancy. It was 10 months.However, a stone in her heart fell to the ground, otherwise she really thought that there was something wrong with the body of herself and her husband.

Focusing on the pregnancy for 10 months has not been successful, don’t be nervous and anxious

There are always many husbands and wives around them. Before preparing, they accidentally conceive their babies, or they are very fast to prepare for pregnancy, which is enviable.

There are also people like Weiwei who have been focusing on pregnancy for nearly a year to complete the task.In fact, whether it is 3 months or 1 year, it is normal.

From the beginning of pregnancy, if the regular room is kept, the probability of successful success in one month is only about 20%; the probability of successful success for 3 months of pregnancy is about 57%; the probability of success of 6 months is about 72%; and those who prepare for 1 year for pregnancy are 1 year of pregnancy.The success rate can reach 85%.

In other words, it is a small probability that it will soon succeed. It is normal for a few people to prepare for half a year and one year of pregnancy.Only if there is no movement for more than one year, is there any problem.

Bringing a baby should be a happy thing. You do n’t have to be anxious or anxious. To understand the following reasons that affect the speed of pregnancy, it will be easier to succeed.

The physical factors of both husband and wife affect the speed of preparing pregnancy

If you want to prepare for pregnancy, you do n’t check your body until you ca n’t get pregnant, but check it before preparing for pregnancy.To solve physical problems in time and remove the biggest obstacles on the road to pregnancy.Many husbands and wives just ignored this and tried it for a long time.

The speed of successful pregnancy is related to the physical fitness of the couple inherited from the physique of the parents, and it cannot be easily changed the day after tomorrow.

In addition, when there is no problem with the body, emotional factors also affect the speed of pregnancy.In the case of long -term tension and anxiety, the body hormone will have abnormalities, which indirectly affects the quality of "small tadpoles" and eggs, and reduces the success of pregnancy.

The last point is a bit "amazing", and the success of pregnancy must be "luck".

Some people have no problem with their bodies, and they also pay attention to the conditions in all aspects, but they are slower than others. This has to be mentioned that the word "luck" is mentioned.

The legendary "first seven, post -eight" preparation method, and the "Bilinsha" observed the secretions are not 100 % correct.

The successful pregnancy requires a high -quality egg at the right time, and encounters a high -quality "small tadpole". After meeting, successfully combined and settled in order to bred the baby.

The whole process is actually very complicated and has a certain difficulty, so do not take pregnancy as a "task" to complete.

To ensure the physical conditions of both parties, change the bad habits in advance, and after everything is ready, wait for the mindset to let it go, which is the most successful pregnancy.

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