It is not possible to eat Chinese medicine snacks.

As the concepts of health and health are getting heavier in people’s hearts, many snacks have also begun to "marry" with Chinese medicine with health effects, and Chinese medicine snacks have emerged.Although the taste and nutrition are concerned, Chinese medicine snacks are very selling, but they cannot be eaten too casually, otherwise they will bring hidden dangers to their health.In the last issue, Wang Jing, a traditional Chinese medicine doctor of the Chinese Medicine Hospital of Nan’an District, Chongqing, explained to you the ways and particular about the four Chinese medicine snacks such as hawthorn tablets and Ejiao dates. Today, she will continue to introduce several other common Chinese medicine snacks.

Guide expert: Wang Jing, a Chinese medicine practitioner of TCM Hospital in Nan’an District, Chongqing City

Mint sugar: yin deficiency, qi deficiency, people eat less

"When it comes to mint sugar, most people will not be unfamiliar. Some friends who often smoke, in order to alleviate the odor in the mouth, generally prepare mint sugar in their pockets. Or some hot pot restaurants, the store will also give it intimately to send it to the store.Mint sugar to refreshing the throat and mouth of the guests. "Wang Jing introduced that mint sugar has a fresh flavor that can refresh the brain to a certain extent, so some office workers like to use it as snacks.Essence

However, many people may not associate mint sugar and Chinese medicine. In fact, mint sugar can be said to just blindly Chinese medicine.Wang Jing said that mint in mint sugar, also known as silver dancao."Generally speaking, authentic mint sugar contains a small amount of mint extraction substances, which has the effects of evacuating wind and heat, clearing pharyngeal throat, and can be used to treat symptoms such as cold wind fever, headache, and sore throat." Wang Jing also mentioned that it also mentionedSome merchants also like to use mint in gum to make mint flavors, such as lignol, which will be placed at almost every cashier table in each supermarket. Among them, mint flavors are deeply favored by consumers.

According to the "Book of Books", "take more long service (mint), which is cold; yin deficiency is fever, and those who have coughing self -sweat should not be applied."It smells, but occasionally eats one or two. Do not eat it as ordinary snacks, especially those with yin deficiency and qi deficiency.In addition, women’s palace cold should be used with caution.

Sour plum juice: Shengjin to converge the lungs

Patients in the early stage of fever and enteritis eat cautiously

The sour plum juice has sprung yin and clear the heat. It is a traditional Chinese drinking drink. The sweet and sour taste is not only liked by adults, but also children.Many people have such memories when they were young. In the summer, adults in the family will buy black and boil themselves. Put some sugar in it to remove acid. After iced, drink it, which is very cool.Today, some hot pot restaurants and dried pot restaurants have also prepared self -service acid plum juice for consumers to taste.

Wang Jing told reporters that the main ingredient of Sour Mei Decoction is black, which has the effects of relieving diarrhea, relieving cough and reinforcement, hemostasis, converging lungs, and astringent intestines.According to "New Materia Medica" records: "Black plums and diarrhea breaks malaria, there is a quick effect." However, a significant effect of sour plum juice is convergence, so it is not appropriate to sweat external patients and cough patients with phlegm in the respiratory tract.Drink more.

In addition, people with gastric ulcers and people who are using medication are not suitable for sour plum juice.People with stomach ulcers may cause gastric bleeding. Even if the ulcers have healed, they cannot drink a lot.Women are best not to eat after childbirth during normal menstrual period and during pregnancy.

Herbal tea: Drink as water to reduce fire

I believe everyone is familiar with herbal tea. There are many brands of herbal tea on the market, such as Jiaduobao and Wang Laoji.Wang Jing mentioned that the authentic herbal tea is mostly made of Chinese herbal medicines made by chrysanthemums, honeysuckle, and prone grass. Many friends like to eat spicy barbecue foods, but they are afraid of getting angry. At this timeThe first choice for their dinner.

"It is worth saying that herbal tea is a" thick "tea drink in Chinese medicine. It cannot be used as a water to drink. Drinking too much or not suitable for drinking will have certain damage to their health." Wang Jing saidEssenceIn addition, Chinese medicine believes that "getting angry" can be divided into two types: real fire and virtual fire, which causes many reasons for "getting angry". In addition to climate factors, other factors such as emotional fluctuations and over -fatigue will cause various "heat" in the body to produce various "heat".Symptoms, herbal tea does not solve all the problems of getting angry.

Poria Cake: Do not eat too much sugar -containing fruit kernels

Poria is sweet and gentle, which not only has the effect of strengthening the spleen and dampness, and peacefulness, but also can diuretic and edema, which helps improve the body’s own immunity and prevent colds.Wang Jing said that the current Chinese medicine snacks sold on the market are mainly made of Poria, flour, syrup, and kernels as raw materials.Because the fillings often add a lot of honey and sugar, the sugar content is high, so people with diabetic patients and high blood sugar people need to pay attention.

"You can make Poria powder and starch self -made Poria cake at home. The method is very simple, but you must pay attention to controlling sugar content and ensure health. In addition, too much consumption of Poria cake can cause bloating." Wang Jing said.

Guiyuan dry: patients with diabetes should eat less

Guiyuan is a commonly used nourishing product. Many people like to peel off the laurel as a snack, or use it to make tea, soup, and cook sugar water.Wang Jing introduced that the dryness of Guiyuan is hot, which can nourish the heart and soothe the mind. Its nourishment effect is obvious, but it is only suitable for those who are cold and cold.

Wang Jing reminded everyone that the longan is sweet and greasy, and it is easy to heat in the life. If there are people with dry stools and dry mouths and fire, they should not eat it, and diabetic patients should eat less.

Although Chinese medicine snacks are good, they need to pay attention to eating

Many people think that Chinese medicine snacks are a kind of "food supplement". Choosing it is healthier than ordinary snacks and is stable than Chinese medicine, so many people have developed Chinese medicine snacks.Wang Jing emphasized that even if snacks are just snacks that everyone usually has leisure time, they should not eat more, especially snacks containing Chinese medicine ingredients. Pay attention to pay attention.

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