It is also a child with a child in the wild, see how they treat their son

Jian Di is the second concubine of the daughter of the Emperor Shi. Jiang Yan is the concubine of the daughter of the Dai family. Both of them are unintentional conceived children in the wild.

One day, Jian Di and his friends were playing in the river. There was a little swallow produced a swallow egg by the river. Jian Di was very excited to swallow the swallow eggs.Go home, but the little swallow flew away, and the friends sang: "Yan Yan flew away …"

Since then, Jian Di found that he was pregnant, and gave birth to his son Qi after he was pregnant in October.

"Destiny mysterious birds, descended from business." In ancient times, the floods flooded people’s lives, and the heavenly tested the public, and intended to save human beings.So let Jian Di swallow the child’s conceived child.

Chinese people say that Jian Disheng Qi is a blessing to human beings. Although it is said that the deeds are out, because it is the gift of heaven, Jian Di and Emperor Emperor are very happy to cultivate the deeds.There is a way to control water. After growing up, he was assisted in the success of Yu Zhishui. If he was outstanding, Emperor Shun sealed the business and became the ancestor of the business.

Jiang Yan stepped on the savage’s footprint when he was mulberry and gave birth to the savage. After the child was born, Jiang Yan felt that the child was not auspicious.Throw abandoned in the wild several times, but they were rescued."The lane of the birthday, the bulls and the likes. The Pinglin of the birthday will cut the flat forest.. "Jiang Yan had to hold him back to raise his adult and give his child a name.

In fact, abandonment is also a savior given by God to human beings, but it has changed another way. "The heavens will fall into the people, and they must first suffer their minds, work hard, and be hungry.To do it, so I can’t endure it, and Zeng Yiqi can’t. "So I was thrown into the wild several times, and they were all safe under the shelter of cattle, sheep, big birds, and logging workers.The quality of the soil will be selected, and the growing growth is very good. I also teach everyone to reclaim the land to grow grains, which greatly solves the problem of human lack of clothes and food.

Why is it a child in the wild? Jian Di is happy, but Jiang Yan thinks that the child is not auspicious and try to throw the child?

In ancient times, the concubine of the emperor wanted to pick up mulberry heavenly to lead the labor of women in the middle school.And the second concubine only needs to be beautiful and happy.It’s like there are many children in a family. Among them, the eldest daughter must be well -behaved and sensible to help parents and mother take care of their younger brothers and sisters, do a good job of their younger brothers and sisters, and role models for learning.The younger daughter is often naughty and cute, can be willful and lazy, and only needs to please her parents.

The footprint of stepping on the savage seems to be not so glorious. It is not as noble than the godbird’s delivery. Naturally, there is no as high as Jane Di’s children. Jiang Yan is like an illegitimate child.The image of Mrs. Ace, so I had to find a variety of reasons to throw away her son.

In fact, every child is a gift given to us by heaven. As long as we care carefully and correctly guide, each child has a good tomorrow.

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