It can be pregnant for a few months for a few months, Qingdao Xiyuehui tells you conservative data

Now paying attention to eugenics, many couples will do a lot of pregnancy work before preparing for pregnancy.Now that you plan to have a baby, you naturally hope to be pregnant as soon as possible.So how many months can I conceive for a normal pregnancy?How long will it take?Let’s take a look together.

How many months can I conceive for a normal pregnancy?

Regarding the time of successful pregnancy, conservative data is like this: Some husbands and wives can be pregnant successfully; some husbands and wives can be successfully conceived for one year or even years to succeed.As for the specific time, there is no standard answer.Generally speaking, as long as the husband and wife are in good health, they can successfully conceive in almost a year.

How to increase the chance of pregnancy?

According to the survey, a completely normal and healthy couple, even if the same room is in the same room every month, only 15-20%of the chance of pregnancy.So how to increase the chance of pregnancy?You need to prepare the following points.

1. Master the ovulation period

In the same room before and after the ovulation period, the probability of successful your baby will be much greater.

Method 1: Basic body temperature measurement method

Under normal circumstances, the basic body temperature of women after ovulation will rise by 0.3-0.5 ° C.After waking up every morning, you can use thermometer to detect your body temperature and make records so that the temperature can be understood in time when the temperature changes.Using this method, you need to record the temperature every day from the first day of menstruation.

Method 2: Lands Observation Method

Lands are women’s vaginal secretions. You can also calculate the ovulation period through leucorrhea. This is because leucorrhea will change periodic changes.During the non -ovulation period, the secretions are less, the leucorrhea is dry and sticky; during ovulation, the secretions will increase due to the increase in estrogen, and the leucorrhea will become clear and transparent.Broken situation.About 48 hours on the last day of this situation with a large amount of white belt is the ovulation day.

Method 3: Menstrual Merchants (Aquino method)

The menstrual calculation algorithm is also called Akino method, which judges the ovulation period by calculating the menstrual cycle.

For women with normal regularity of menstrual cycle, from the first day of the next day of menstruation, minus 14 days or countdown for 14 days, which is the ovulation day.The first 5 days before ovulation day+4 days after the ovulation period.

If it is a woman with irregular menstrual cycles, the shortest number of days of menstrual cycle is reduced for 18 days, which is the first day of the ovulation period; the most old menstrual cycle is reduced for 11 days, the last day of the ovulation period.Assume that the longest period is 37 days, which is 37-11 = 26; the minimum is 28 days, 28-18 = 10 days.That’s 10-26 days after menstruation, which is the ovulation period.

Method 4: ovulation test paper method

In women’s urine, it contains a substance called luteal-generated hormone. Generally, 1-2 days before ovulation, the luteal generating hormone will reach the highest peak, and the ovulation test strip can be used to detect.

It feels that before the ovulation period is approaching, it is detected by test strips every 12 hours to determine whether the luteal production hormone reaches the highest peak.

2. Ensure the number of sexual life

Before preparing for pregnancy, make sure that the husband and wife life is performed every 3-4 days, so that even if the ovulation period is not allowed, maybe "small tadpoles" may occasionally encounter eggs.

It is not recommended to have room when you are tired, even if you are pregnant, the quality is not high.In the case of time permit, it is recommended to have the same room every morning.After one night of rest, both the couple will be more energetic, which can improve the vitality of sperm and eggs and better conceive.

3. Relax of the mentality

In terms of preparing for pregnancy, don’t be under pressure, don’t be worried because you have never been pregnant.It is common for normal pregnancy for two or three months.Both husbands and wives should understand each other and encourage each other, and don’t complain about each other.In terms of sexual life, you must relax, let everything happen naturally, and enjoy the sex in order to be better pregnant with your baby.

4. Choose the best pregnancy age

Women are 23-30 years old and men are 23-35 years old. They are the best age of conception.It is best not to exceed 30 years of age. The quality of eggs of elderly women becomes weakened, which is easy to increase the probability of genetic diseases. The elderly breeding process is more dangerous, and it will also affect the postpartum body recovery of women.

5. Check before pregnancy

Pregnant couples at the age of age will basically become pregnant as long as there are normal sexual life.However, if you have not succeeded in conception for one or two months of pregnancy, it is recommended to go to the hospital for a pre -pregnancy examination. See if some gynecological diseases affect conception.Pre -pregnancy examinations are not only for women, but men also have to check together, because men may also have infertility.

It is not recommended to set the goal for yourself within a few months before preparing for pregnancy, and do not tell you that you are preparing for pregnancy or preparing for pregnancy, which will put pressure on yourself.Relax the mentality and let the baby come naturally to the family.

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