Isn’t the "pubic bone" sitting during pregnancy, isn’t it a stand or?These five types of pregnant women should pay special attention

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Pregnancy is happy for mothers, but at the same time, it will be accompanied by low back pain, back acid, sciatica … it seems that the whole body is not his own.

However, among all these pains, pubic pain ranks first.In severe cases, it will even affect normal walking and increase the burden on pregnant women.

For example, Hold, who had just given birth to the second child some time ago, had a sister Xie Yilin. During her pregnancy, she repeatedly spit out the pain of "pubic bone" and expressed her pain.

In fact, for the fetus, the optimistic and cheerfulness of the mother during pregnancy is the best prenatal education. Even for themselves, everyone must find a way to relieve and relax.

When it comes to pregnancy and child, the first pain that everyone thinks of must be "childbirth pain". In addition, the most difficult for pregnancy is "pubic pain".

The formation of this pain is mainly caused by "separation of pubic bone". The pubic bone is actually the two bones in front of the pelvis.Under normal circumstances, these two bones are presented as triangular shapes, which are connected by fibrous cartilage tissue and ligament (called the united of the pubic bone).

During pregnancy, especially in the later stages of pregnancy, due to the influence of body hormones, in order to prepare for the fetal child childbirth, the ligament will become relaxed, which will gradually separate the two bones. This is the "pubic bone separation".

In this process of slowly loosening and stretching, the mother’s body will feel torn, and the wider the separated area, the more painful.

Especially when going up and down the stairs or walking, the body pain will intensify.

The situation of each mother during pregnancy is different, and the occurrence of pubic pain is naturally different, but the following five types of pregnant women should pay more attention and improve their consciousness, because you are more likely to recruit.

1) Mother who is injured or overworked during pregnancy

Because the pelvis position in the body is special, it is necessary to bear extra pressure during pregnancy. If the pelvis is injured before, it is more difficult to bear the separation of the pubic bone.

There are also some women’s waist and leg pain, cervical spine pain, bone and joint ligaments are not good, so the possibility of pubic pain during pregnancy is also higher.

In addition, the prospective mothers who still cannot get rest and overwhelming after pregnancy are still easy to suffer from pubic pain in the second or third month.

After all, the body after pregnancy is not the same as before. When doing physical work, you should not be too "brave", and try to rely on as much as possible.

2) Mother who has given birth to a child or two -child interval

The baby who has been pregnant and gives birth to a baby will change a lot before and after.The abdomen slowly becomes larger to the smaller and then it is normal to recover. It takes a long time to complete.

If the second child comes too early and the interval with the tire is less than 2-3 years, it may cause the pubic bone to not be closed, and the body must be oppressed again.Essence

3) Mother who doesn’t pay attention to sitting position

The sitting posture of pregnant women during pregnancy is often incorrect. If there is the habit of gloating Erlang’s legs, it will make the pelvic ligament relax, and it will be more likely to deform the pelvis and aggravate the pubic pain.

Therefore, it is the prerequisite for eating, wearing, and transportation during pregnancy to develop good habits!

4) Mother with thin body

Generally, the pregnant mother with a thin body has a small part of the pubic bone, and the pressure on the later stages of pregnancy will be even greater, so it is more likely to suffer from pubic pain.

Especially when sleeping, you feel very uncomfortable. If you are very troublesome, you can buy a pregnant woman’s pillow to relieve it.

5) Mother of the twins of Hua Shuang (multiple):

This is well understood. Because the mother of the twins (multiple) of the twins, the stomach is greater than the mother of a single pregnancy, so the pressure on the pubic joint will be greater.

Of course, this does not mean that the mother of a single pregnancy is easy. If the fetus in the body is large, the pressure on the pubic bone combination is also very large, and the pain in the pubic bone is basically impossible to escape.

1) Use the abdomen belt

Pregnant women’s pubic pain can be improved with abdomen bands, which can reduce the compression of the pubic bone when the pregnant belly becomes larger and enable it to effectively relax.

But to remind everyone that you must choose a belly belt that is suitable for your pregnant belly, otherwise you will also feel uncomfortable.

Moreover, the belly strap cannot be used all the time, and it must be taken away when sitting to slow down the restraint.

2) The amplitude of normal movements must be reduced

When not pregnant, women feel particularly light and unsatisfactory, and they are particularly casual.

But after pregnancy, especially in the late pregnancy, expectant mothers must reduce their physical swing and unnecessary movements. It is best not to stand too much and walk too much, mainly rest.

Be sure to protect yourself. At this time, don’t do cumbersome housework, let’s handle it to the prospective father!

3) Stand with both leg symmetry as the best

Pregnant mothers are best symmetrical when standing, so that the body’s weight can be evenly distributed on the two feet, avoiding the imbalance of the body’s center of gravity, and reducing the burden on the pubic bone to a certain extent.

In the state of walking, you must also pay attention to the movements, gently, slow, not to worry.

4) The best wearing shoes is the best

When pregnant mothers wear shoes, choose soft soles. The hard soles will not only increase the pubic pain, but also fall due to unstable center of gravity.

Wearing a soft sole, on the one hand, can avoid this problem, on the other hand, it will make the expectant mothers feel more comfortable when walking, effectively prevent pubic pain.

5) Pay attention to the position of the pillow

Pregnant mother is used to sleeping on the left side, and can put a pillow or a small quilt in the middle of the two legs to keep the pubic bone relax.When you want to move your hips or feet when you sleep, keep parallel movement, and your movements must be slow, which can effectively relieve pain.

After watching the five points above and doing it, I believe that it will greatly help to alleviate the pubic pain of pregnant mothers.

In addition, don’t stand it during pain and find the most comfortable posture.If the above points have no effect, consider whether it is calcium deficiency, and go to the hospital for examination in time, so it is responsible for yourself and your baby.

The second child’s mother and nutritionist share the experience of childcare life; the pictures are derived from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact me to delete it; in addition, the code word is not easy.

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