Isn’t it right? You think you can always eat brown sugar and red dates to replenish blood?

Girlfriend: "I’m here today, my stomach hurts, I feel that my whole body has no strength, so uncomfortable"

Boyfriend: "Drink more hot water"

Girlfriend: "Is hot water so useful? Don’t you drink? You go downstairs to buy me some red dates and brown sugar, let me replenish blood!"

Boyfriend: "Do you really think red dates and brown sugar can replenish blood?"

Can red dates and brown sugar really replenish blood?

The reason why red dates and brown sugar nourish blood are so widely spread because people think that this type of food can supplement the body as an iron element for hematopoietic materials. Many girls eat a few dates during menstruation, drink brown sugar water, and feel that blood can replenish blood.And even feel that it can relieve stomach pain.But in fact, these two foods are not rich in iron, and the absorption utilization rate is also very low.

Red dates: Fresh red dates per 100g are actually edible part of iron containing 1.2 mg of iron and 2.3 mg of dried dates. In fact, adults need to supplement iron every day. Boys should supplement 12 mg. Girls should add 20 mg.Judging to supplement iron, you have to eat several pounds. Moreover, the iron absorption rate contained in plant food is much lower than animal food.

Brown sugar: It is probably because brown sugar can nourish blood because of "replenishing in shape".In fact, more than 95%of the ingredients in brown sugar are sugar, including the mineral content, including iron.It is not reliable to drink brown sugar water at most, so it is not reliable to "nourish blood" by brown sugar.

We must correctly understand "anemia"

Anemia refers to a type of disease caused by human blood red blood cells that cannot meet the needs of physiological function.According to the World Health Organization, there is a anemia for 1/4 of the world’s population.

Anemia is divided into various types, including nutritional anemia, regenerative disorders, and thalassemia, etc., among which nutrient anemia is more common.Nutrient anemia refers to anemia caused by insufficient nutrients such as iron, folic acid, vitamin B6, and vitamin B6 formed by the formation of hemoglobin and blood cells due to malnutrition. Among them, iron deficiency anemia caused by iron deficiency is the most common.

Typical symptoms of anemia are accelerated heartbeat, fatigue, dizziness, shortness of dizziness, tinnitus, and corner inflammation.Once the symptoms of anemia occur, go to the hospital to find out the cause of anemia in time for symptomatic treatment and/or diet intervention.

How serious is the consequences of iron deficiency?

Children who grow and develop during the growth and development will be short of iron. Eat will pick up food, have no appetite, and will be irritable and irritable. In severe cases, it will even affect intellectual development!

Girls who have menstruation can easily cause iron loss during the period of menstruation, which may lead to no mental, tired, and easily irritated.

The expectant mothers who are pregnant will absorb the iron in the mother’s body, and the digestion of the iron will be even greater. The iron deficiency may also affect the normal development of the child.

People with uneven diet, people who eat less meat, and people who love to drink strong tea coffee are all people with insufficient iron absorption!

How to make up iron supplements?

The iron in foods is mainly divided into heme iron and non -heme iron.It should be supplemented with foods rich in heme -rich iron.

Mainly from animal foods, such as animal organs, animal blood, and red meat.Such as duck blood, chicken blood, pig blood, and pig liver, but daily replenishment is not easy to do.When you usually go out for dinner, you will be divided into two dials. One table is eaten, and one table is rejected.It is understood that it knows that it is super nutritious and rich in iron. It is really good for girls to eat it … but I really ca n’t eat it when I think of this taste.

Non -heme iron mainly exists in eggs, red dates, brown sugar, spinach, and fungus. Most of them are derived from plant food. The iron absorption rate is <10%.Maternal interference, so foods containing non -heme iron are not the first choice for iron supplement food.

Important reminder about blood tonic

In life, you should also pay attention to dietary balance and diversification of food, such as vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin B12, folic acid, etc. can improve the transformation and utilization of iron.

Female drinking coffee and tea should be able to stop, otherwise it will easily lead to iron deficiency anemia.Because tannic acid and polyphenols in coffee in tea can form difficulty dissolved salts with iron to suppress iron absorption.

To exercise moderately, do not lie down for a long time every day. Moderate exercise can improve your body’s immunity!

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