Is your pregnancy serious in the early stages of pregnancy?We can do this

“”Hello everyone, I am a cat.Tonight, let’s talk about the changes in mothers in the early stages of pregnancy.

In the early stages of pregnancy, many expectant mothers began to have various changes.In addition to physical discomfort, there is also mental irritability.So how should we respond to these adverse reactions?

Moms are prone to emotional fluctuations in the early stages of pregnancy. They will inexplicably feel irritable, sad and grievances, and a small thing that may be irritable may be irritable.

At this time, the family should pay more care.Especially her husband, some are not particularly excessive requirements, you can try to follow her.

But mothers also know how to adjust themselves.Specific mothers with a job, if the pressure is not particularly large, it is not recommended to resign.Because the communication between work and colleagues will make our attention diverter, and mood will be more pleasant.

If it is a stressful job, you can also resign at home.But learn to find something to enrich yourself.For example: learn flower arrangement, learn to paint, and buy some wool to make some small things for babies, which will make mothers more fulfilling.

After pregnancy, mothers can easily feel thirsty.Therefore, you have to drink about 2,000 ml of water every day, which can be boiled water or juice.

At the same time, because of drinking water frequently, the uterus will increase the bladder after pregnancy.Moms always feel urinating, and they may run several toilets in the morning.

However, don’t be afraid to control the amount of water, and don’t take urination because you don’t want to move. This is not conducive to your health and the development of baby.

Shortly after meals, mothers may have a feeling of stomach burning, which is hormone.

Hormones can slow the peristalsis of the digestive tract and cause food to be indigestible.Hormones can also relax the "valve" of the separators and stomach, cause gastric acid or food reflux, and cause stomach discomfort and pregnancy.

In these cases, mothers can eat less meals. Drink 1 cup of milk about half an hour before eating, stand or walk for half an hour after meals.

When the stomach is uncomfortable, the mother likes to eat some sour.Sometimes we eat very sour bayberry, and they eat without blinking.

Because acidic food is conducive to the digestion and absorption of food, it can also relieve discomfort and enhance appetite.

In fact, foods with sour taste can also promote the absorption of calcium and iron.But not all acidic food mothers can eat.

For example, the nutrients in pickled sauerkraut are not high, but the nitrite content is high, which is not good for the baby’s health.Although hawthorn and products are sour and sweet, they are very delicious.But it can cause contractions that may cause abortion.

For expectant mothers who like sour, it is best to choose fresh fruits and fruits such as sour and nutritious tomatoes, cherries, bayberry, pomegranate, orange, jujube, grapes, green apples and other fresh fruits and fruits. You can also drink yogurt every day.

If vomiting is severe, you can eat a bit of soda biscuits in moderation, neutralizing gastric acid.

Try to avoid the disgusting foods or smells, and eat something that can mention appetite, even if these foods are not nutritious foods in the eyes of others.

No matter what, you can eat it a little bit, and you can’t eat much better than at all.

If you can’t eat anything vomiting, people will lose weight, and immediately go to the hospital for help. If necessary, you can supplement some nutrients.

In addition, if abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, fever, etc. in the early stages of pregnancy, seek medical treatment in time.

It is a very hard thing to be a mother, but it is also an important mission of life inheritance.I hope that each mother can spend smoothly during pregnancy.

Is your pregnancy serious?Welcome everyone to share their stories in the comments area.

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