Is there any bad breath during pregnancy?It’s embarrassing when you see people?4 methods teach you how to resolve

Have pregnant women encountered such an embarrassing situation during pregnancy?Obviously, I have not spoken, and I feel that my bad breath has been passed out. Do I have a clean mouth on time every day during pregnancy? So why do you have bad breath after pregnancy?How to relieve it, is the bad breath because of oral problems?

In fact, pregnant mothers have bad breath during pregnancy. Especially in the early stages of pregnancy, the bad breath is caused by the path of life in life. Because of poor appetite and changes in taste, vomiting often occurs.Pregnancy vomiting is relatively powerful, so remember to use warm water or light saline to rinse your mouth after each vomiting.

In addition to this, during pregnancy, the reasons for bad breath after pregnancy, most of them are caused by the accumulation of food residues on the teeth, and there is a cause of stomach fire. Therefore, the pregnant mother still has to do during pregnancy.The cleaning and care of the good oral cavity, such as the food inlaid in the teeth, should be removed with the dental floss to avoid the odor after the food residue is corrupted.There is also a pregnant mother when brushing her mouth and mouthwash, we must pay attention to our tongue coating. It is also necessary to clean it regularly. You can use gauze or beauty towels to clean up the food left on the tongue, which will help eliminate the odor of the oral cavity., But it should be noted here that pregnant mothers should not use a toothbrush to brush the tongue coating, which will cause oral discomfort and cause nausea and vomiting.Of course, in addition to the cleaning and maintenance of the oral cavity, what pregnant mothers need to do during pregnancy are to check our tooth health problems regularly, see if there are tooth decay or periodontal disease or tooth calculus, etc.If the dental stones, the pregnant mother should deal with it in time, because the dental stones can also cause the oral odor.

It may be because my mother prefers to taste during pregnancy. I love spicy foods and have too much supplementing nutritional big fish and meat. This will cause the burden on the intestinal tract to worsen, especially during the digestive function during pregnancy.The push for pushing caused the intestinal peristalsis, coupled with the excessive pregnancy during pregnancy, the intake of spicy diet and greasy diet increased the burden on the intestinal tract, which slowed down the gastric acid and gastric acid to digest food.The residual time is too long, which will also cause flatulence of the stomach, which will cause bad breath.Therefore, pregnant mothers must arrange a reasonable diet during pregnancy, keep the diet light, eat more foods containing cellulose to promote intestinal peristalsis, and appropriately supplement the vitamin C in the fruit to increase the toughness of the gums to avoid brushing their teethThe occurrence of bleeding and nausea.

Of course, pregnant mothers need to do exercise appropriately during pregnancy to promote intestinal motility, because intestinal peristalsis slows down, which will also cause bad breath.It is also appropriate to practice yoga. Doing gymnastics or swimming in pregnant women can also enhance the resistance of pregnant women.Pregnant mothers have bad breath during pregnancy. Don’t worry or feel embarrassed. In fact, this is a reaction of a natural hormone in our body.Habits, change our diet, increase exercise, enhance physical fitness, and avoid toxin garbage into the body, then bad breath will go far away.I hope that pregnant mothers must pay attention to oral hygiene and oral health. If the oral cavity appears too seriously, and the above methods cannot be relieved and eliminated, then we have to go to the oral hospital to check whether it is because of the oral cavity.The oral odor caused by the problem is also to dental disease. The expectant mothers must pay attention to the early pregnancy and the third trimester of pregnancy.It is solved by the fetus in the second trimester relative to stability.

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