Is there a sign of pregnancy as soon as the fastest day after the same room?These 4 early pregnancy reactions, you must know if you are not prepared for pregnancy

Many pregnant mothers particularly want to get good news of her successful pregnancy. At this time, many women pay special attention to that after the success of pregnancy, some physical signals, you can use the following 4 "feel" self -test!

After a woman conceive, do you feel as soon as a few days?

Generally speaking, the time of early pregnancy reactions will appear around the third week of pregnancy, usually until 3 months of pregnancy, but due to different personal constitution, the time of early pregnancy reaction will be different.Long, it did not disappear until the 16th to weeks of pregnancy.In other words, after a woman succeeds in pregnancy, it will feel around the 40th day.

These 4 early pregnancy reactions, you must understand if you prepare for pregnancy:

01 feeling nausea

We often watch TV series. After some women get up in the morning, if there is symptoms of nausea and nausea, it is likely to indicate that she is pregnant.Therefore, around the 6th week of pregnancy, if you have a situation of vomiting and nausea, and your sense of smell becomes more and more sensitive, then you are likely to be pregnant.

02 Breast pain

If you feel soft and sore in the same room after the same room, and you are not in the menstrual period or ovulation period, then it is likely to indicate that you are pregnant.

03 I feel sleepy

If you are always energetic before, but for a while, you always feel that you are very sleepy and very sleepy, then it is likely that you are pregnant.This is because after a woman is pregnant, the lutein in the body will be secreted in large quantities, which will cause you to feel exhausted.Of course, this symptoms must be comprehensively considered in conjunction with other symptoms.

04 Urine frequency

After a woman’s pregnancy, the level of hormone in the body will change, which may lead to frequent symptoms of urinary urination, and the uterus will increase slowly after pregnancy, which may compress the bladder, which will cause women to increase the problem of urine.””Preparation Encyclopedia”

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