Is there a normal reaction in the early stages of pregnancy?Which is better and not vomiting when I am pregnant?

From an early age in film and television dramas, seeing a woman vomiting is usually pregnant.

Especially in classical dramas, women have vomiting reactions, and people around them will smile and say, congratulations, with (pregnancy), the pregnancy vomiting is also commonly known as "harming joy", and then find a doctor to determine the pulse.

So my initial impression of pregnancy was to have a pregnancy reaction, and even equated pregnancy and pregnancy.The woman who feels pregnant looks painful, but she is also very proud. The kind of vomiting seems to be announced to the people around me. "I am pregnant."

I feel that there is a pregnancy reaction that it is normal, and it is abnormal without pregnancy.

As a result, when I was pregnant with baby, I did not vomit, I didn’t know that I was pregnant, I took a cold medicine, I went to the hospital to check to determine that I was pregnant, and I regret taking a cold medicine.

I thought, maybe my pregnancy is late, who knows that there has been no pregnancy.I thought it was abnormal. Later, when I saw the pregnancy knowledge, I knew that pregnancy was not absolute. About 1/4 of the pregnant mothers would not have pregnancy. This is also normal.

Generally speaking, pregnant mothers who are young, produce, obese, be pregnant, or have polycons or hydatidal fetuses have a high probability of pregnancy and more serious.In addition, psychological and emotional factors will also have an impact. The symptoms are often particularly obvious.

Everyone’s response after pregnancy is different. My symptoms of pregnancy are lethargic, especially fatigue, and some are vomiting.The reaction during pregnancy is related to the physique and hormones of expectant mothers, and it is also related to the fetus in the body.

The pregnancy is very bad and not vomited without good or bad. As mentioned earlier, the reaction during pregnancy is different due to the influence of physique, hormones, psychological factors, etc., so some vomiting is very terrible.The response was very stable during pregnancy. From this perspective, not vomiting is more conducive to the growth and development of pregnant mothers and fetuses.

I clearly remember the twin of the sister -in -law. The response during pregnancy is really very powerful. Dizziness, nausea, what to eat and vomiting, endless water, and tears every time.The growth and development of the hospital also lost a few days of nutrients in the hospital.

Watching her vomiting, she was uncomfortable. She even felt uncomfortable with the idea of children, and finally persisted and gave birth to a healthy baby.

At that time, the sister -in -law went to see the doctor, and the advice given by the doctor was:

1. Mood must be positive, don’t always think about pregnancy, uncomfortable things.Diversify attention, find someone to chat, brush the drama, etc.

2. Make sure you sleep and rest on time.

Many people have early pregnancy reactions. Don’t let it affect your mood and sleep.

3. Eat less and eat more, even if you vomit, you need to eat it. Try to eat solid food as much as possible.Do not get greasy to eat, eat more digestible foods.

4. If you do n’t work, go to the hospital to let the doctor open a point to relieve the vitamins of pregnancy and supplement nutrition.

5. Believe that if you have confidence to spend your pregnancy, think about the little life in the belly, you will have a little courage to overcome difficulties.

In short, do n’t have mental stress after pregnancy, do n’t guess random, do n’t know how to do it, or when you do n’t know how to eat, you can check it and take a look.

Do you have a pregnancy reaction during pregnancy?Is there any good way to relieve pregnancy?Welcome to exchange in the comment area and give a reference for expectant mothers who have a pregnancy reaction.

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