Is the vaginal bleeding in the early pregnancy, must it be miscarriage?


As soon as the pregnant mother saw the two bars of the pregnancy test, she was excited, but vaginal bleeding suddenly occurred. It was a thunderbolt on a sunny day.


The most common vaginal bleeding in the early pregnancy is abortion, but it is not necessarily abortion. There may be the following reasons:

Generally, it appears near the tide of menstruation or exceeds 3-7 days, and the amount of less than or the same menstrual amount is used. Then use the pregnancy test stick to test the color to become lighted or turning.Several occurrences are required to check the problems of chromosomes or immune endocrine.

It is the well -known ectopic pregnancy, that is, fertilized eggs in bed outside the uterine cavity, the most common in fallopian tube pregnancy. With the development of embryos, there is no space and nutrients that the normal embryonic development needs., Leading to major bleeding in the abdominal cavity, caused shock or even death. At this time, the amount of vaginal bleeding is not necessarily large, and the symptoms of abdominal pain may be more obvious.If you consider ectopic pregnancy, it is recommended to be hospitalized for treatment.

It is mainly the pribumic blood nourishing cell hyperplasia and interstitial edema, forming a variety of grape-like blisters. The B-ultrasound can see that the honeycomb is full of honeycomb without echo. Generally, the vagina is irregularly bleeding at 8-12 weeks, and the amount is uncertain.Once the diagnosis is confirmed, the palace is cleared as soon as possible, and followed by followed by faith to prevent evil.

Molten polyps may be related to the level of high progesterone.It is often manifested as painless vaginal bleeding. Do not ignore the importance of vaginal examination.Compared with the cervical polyps, the littering of the polyps is more crispy, and it is more likely to have contact bleeding. The surface of the polyps is often covered with pus.The molten polyps run through the entire cervical canal, destroying the natural barrier of the cervix, and it is easy to bleed and bad, which greatly increases the risk of abortion.The tissue is crispy and rich in blood transportation also increases the risk of infection.Therefore, compared to observation and conservative treatment, most hospitals tend to choose resection.

The mechanism has not been clear, and usually B -ultrasound is found to have no echo or low echo area between the uterine wall and the gestational sac.When the choric membrane and the uterine wall are separated, bleeding can be caused. When the vaginal bleeding volume is large, the duration is long, and the relative prognosis is poor, it should be actively intervened.

Such as cervical cancer, this situation is less, but cervical cancer anti -cancer screening must be done before pregnancy.

If vaginal bleeding occurs in the early pregnancy, do not worry, reduce severe activities, go to the hospital in time, find the cause of bleeding, and treat symptomatically.

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