Is the upper ring a kind of contraceptive method?

Mom, after giving birth to a baby, you may face postpartum contraceptives. Our country is promoted to the upper ring, which is the in -palace.

The upper ring is placed a uterine ring in the uterine cavity of women to change the environment in the uterus, so that the fertilized eggs cannot bed because there is no suitable uterine environment, so as to achieve the effect of contraception. Its essence is a long -term gentle and gentleThe curettage of the curettage.

What are the common types of contraceptive ring:

1. Aim Ring

The configuration design of Aim’s ring can conform to the subtle changes in the uterine form, thereby maintaining the dynamic balance, and can maintain a good form in the normal body temperature of the human body, and it is not easy to fall off.In addition, the corrosion resistance of Aim Ring is very strong and can be placed in the human body for more than 10 years.

2. T type ring

The T-shaped ring can generally be placed for 8-10 years. At the time of placement, there are general tail wires. In order to facilitate checking and taking the ring, the tail wire can be cut off according to the situation.The T -type activity ring also contains active substances such as lead, which can effectively improve the effect of contraception.Therefore, the T -type has the advantages of good contraceptive effects and convenient loops to take rings, which is suitable for most women.

3. O -type ring

The side effects of the O -type ring are very small, and the infection rarely occurs. The placement time is generally about 10 years.However, there are also obvious defects of O -type ring. The chance of pregnancy and the ring is relatively high than other ring. Because of its closed structure, the ring may have the possibility of incarceration after the placement time.

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Although this is a measure of permanent contraceptives for women, it has adverse effects on women’s bodies.

1. Bleeding

After the loop is put, a small amount of bleeding is due to the scratching of the uterine endometrium due to placing the contraceptive ring, but it can be repaired soon. The bleeding generally lasts for several days.However, some women are about 15%to 20%. After the contraceptive ring is placed, due to tissue chemical changes in the endometrium, local coagulation disorders occur, manifested as excessive menstrual flow, prolonged menstrual period, irregular menstrual bleeding period, individual and individual and individuals.Menstruation is unclean, and blood is mixed with blood, which can cause a large amount of iron loss in the body. This can not only cause anemia, but also affect the function of muscle red protein, cytochrome and iron -containing., Substation and other performances.

2. Acute pain

After the ring is put, some women will experience soreness and discomfort on the lower abdomen or waist and back. This is because the contraceptive ring placed in the uterus is a "foreign body" for the uterus, especially when the large or low position is low."Sectional contraction, causing contraction pain.

3. Abnormal pregnancy

The breeding ring can only prevent the normal pregnancy inside the uterine cavity, and it cannot prevent abnormal pregnancy (that is, ectopic pregnancy) of the uterine. Therefore, a few women who have a small number of nursery contraception have ectopic pregnancy.

Women’s ones are not good for women and will have corresponding complications.Setting up the contraceptive ring does not mean that women can never be eager to renm, but the situation where the contraceptive ring may fall off. Most women do not know.In other words, women’s upper ring is reversible.For young female friends, it is recommended to choose the way to choose to contraception.

Photo source: Zhaoyuan Photography (with the picture that has nothing to do with the content of this article)

If you really need to the ring, then the precautions after the ring are here:

1. Do not do heavy physical labor within one week, avoid abdominal pressure, avoid sexual life and pots within two weeks.

2. Keep the vulva clean, clean every day, and change your underwear.

3. For the first time after the upper ring, the 3rd, 6th, and 12th months after the menstruation and the upper ring should be followed up, they should be followed up by medical staff, and they will be checked 1-2 times a year.

4. After the upper ring, a small amount of vaginal bleeding, backache, and lower abdomen pain can occur. Those with minor can not be treated. Strict symptoms should be diagnosed and treated in time when bleeding exceeds the menstrual flow.If you find a bad break -out or have symptoms of pregnancy, you should go to family planning services or hospitals in time.

5. There are a certain period of use in all kinds of rings. The T bronze ring is 8-10 years, the mother body music is 5 years, and the bronze palace rings are more than 10 years.When the ring you are on the use period, you should replace it under the guidance of a doctor, or use other contraceptive methods.Clean menstruation within 3-7 days.

6. Older women should contact medical staff within half a year to one year of menstruation and timely take out the ring.

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