Is the stomach panic during pregnancy?4 daily tips to help you relieve stomach burning

By the late pregnancy, as the fetus continues to grow, the space of the abdomen is getting smaller and smaller, and the stomach will be squeezed, which will cause gastric acid to be "pushed" back to the canal, causing stomach acid reflux and burning.

At the same time, during pregnancy, the placenta will secrete a hormone called progesterone, making the smooth muscle of the uterus loose.However, this hormone also makes the valve (also known as the cardia) of the isolated esophagus and gastric, which causes the gastric acid to return to the esophagus, which will cause uncomfortable burning sensation.

Wells of progesterone can also slow the wavelets of the esophagus and intestine, slowing down digestion.These will cause the mothers to have a burning sensation from the chest to the throat, which is the so -called stomach burning.

Foods with high fat content.

2. Try to eat as little as possible during the day, so that the stomach should not expand excessive expansion, which can reduce the inverse flow of gastric acid.Do not eat 2 hours before going to bed. Avoid bed in half an hour to 1 hour after meals.

3. Slow down the speed of eating and chew slowly.Do not drink a lot of water or drink during meals to avoid bloating.After eating, chewing gum can stimulate saliva secretion and help neutralize gastric acid.

4. Eat more vegetables rich in carotene and fruits rich in vitamin C. Carrots, cabbage, red pepper, green peppers, kiwi, and some cereals and aquatic products are good choices.

1. Wear loose and comfortable clothes, do not let too tight clothes hold your waist and abdomen.

2. Maintain proper exercise, take a walk every day or do some housework that can not only promote digestion, prevent gastric acid flow, but also benefit the growth and development of the fetus.

3. When going to bed, try to high 15 cm at the pillow pad as much as possible to prevent inverse flow.

Specific mothers should maintain a good mood and avoid unpleasant things,

Because any mental adverse stimulus will cause indigestion,

Extract various discomfort in the body.

Moms are best listening to music or watching art to make themselves happy.

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