Is the progesterone content related to the development of the gestational sac?The importance of progesterone, do you know?

For most female friends, the reason why she knows that she is pregnant is because menstruation is delayed, or the pregnancy test stick is used to test the test strip.In order to disintegrate the development of the pregnancy sac, you will go to the hospital for early pregnancy examination.During the examination, the doctor will let pregnant mothers do progesterone examination. Many people do not understand what progesterone is, and the necessity of doing this test.

For female friends, the more important progesterone after pregnancy is progesterone.Is the progesterone content in the body related to the development of progesterone?Do you know about the importance of progesterone?Let’s take a look with Xiaobian today.

Is the progesterone content related to the development of the gestational sac?

E progression is also known as progesterone. It is a natural progesterone secreted by women’s ovarian luteal, and it is also a substance necessary for maintaining pregnancy.If female friends have a low progesterone content after pregnancy, it will not only cause delay in the development of pregnancy sacs, but also not conducive to the development of the fetus.If the content of progesterone in the body is too low to be relieved in time, it may cause abortion.In addition, female friends also need to check the progesterone value and the development of the progesterone in the body when they are pregnant.

This not only helps the fetus, but also has a very important role in promoting the development of pregnancy sac.When the doctor told the pregnant mother’s progesterone content too low, the drug must be supplemented in time. It is not to develop a good diet and work and rest habits, and eat some beans or coarse grains, and keep a pleasant mood, sufficient sleepIt has a certain help effect on improving the content of progesterone in the body.After the placenta is stable, the progesterone content will gradually improve.Therefore, in the early stages of pregnancy, the progesterone content in the body has a very important relationship with the development of the gestational sac, and it must be paid attention to.

The importance of progesterone, do you know?

The above editor has said that progesterone is a substance necessary for maintaining pregnancy.And the biggest role of exercise is to protect it with estrogen in the body, fertilize eggs, bed in the uterus, and maintain smooth pregnancy.The normal progesterone content in women can not only help immune protection, but also inhibit immune response.Fainting for the uterus is also a kind of foreign objects. If the inadequate progesterone is insufficient, it is likely that the embryo is rejected by the mother, which will occur.

And related studies have shown that progesterone can change the permeability of female uterine cell membranes to ions, so that the membrane is too low -cut in the uterine acute non -sexuality and transmission, which is sensitive to reducing the uterine muscles to various stimulus to various stimuli and preventing the prevention of various stimuli.The uterus exclude the embryo has a very good effect and helps to protect the fetus to a certain extent.

When the body of a female friend is ovulation, under the influence of progesterone secreted by the luteal, the endometrium will be converted from the proliferation period to the secretion period, and the endometrium has a certain amount of tolerance to the embryo bed.In addition, the interior of the linge cells is also converted from the endometrium, and there is a certain glycogen particles to provide bubble nutrition.Like progesterone content, women in women not only help promote the growth of the fetus, but also have a very important role in maintaining the state of pregnancy.

In summary, after pregnancy, female friends must always pay attention to observing the progesterone content in the body. This is helpful for the development of the gestational sac. The above is the childcare knowledge that I will share with you today. Thank you for your reading.

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