Is the pregnant woman drowned because of her male treasure?is that true?

Different pregnant mothers have different reactions in early pregnancy: Some pregnant mothers feel disgusting and can’t eat; some people feel tired all day and lethargic.I remember that I was pregnant in the early days of pregnancy, and I was sleepy as soon as I ate meals in the morning, and almost in the state of "God".

There is a friend around you guess that it is estimated that he is a male baby.Because it is said that pregnant women love to sleep is related to giving birth to boys and women.Women who are not easy to be drowsiness are Yisheng Girl.This statement is inferred according to more nutritional nutrition.

In fact, pregnant women’s sleeping belongs to the natural response of the body after pregnancy, which has nothing to do with the boy and girl.

After 6 weeks of menopause of pregnant women, it is generally until 3 months of pregnancy.About 14 to 15 weeks of pregnancy, after the placenta is complete, I don’t feel any sleepiness.If the symptoms of drowsiness are severe or there is obvious drowsiness in the middle of pregnancy, you need to go to the hospital for treatment.

The drowsiness in the early pregnancy is related to the changes in hormone levels in the pregnant mother.The most important one is HCG hormone, which is human chorionic gonadotropin.This is a hormone secreted by the placenta.On the one hand, it is to set up a placenta tissue as soon as possible; on the one hand, due to the changes in hormones in the body, the blood capacity in the pregnant mother has increased, the heart rate is accelerated, the blood sugar decreases, and the metabolism will be accelerated. These will consume a lot of physical strength.

Simply put, it is that pregnant mothers do nothing, and they are tired than when they are not pregnant.

Enough sleep is very important to pregnant women. If the drowsiness affects life or work and rest, it is recommended that expectant mummy can eat less meals and maintain a certain concentration of blood sugar. In addition, you may wish to sleep for a while when you are tired, but it is best not to exceed one hour.To avoid insomnia at night.

There is a situation to be vigilant

However, although drowsiness is a normal phenomenon in the early pregnancy, if the drowsiness is abnormal and accompanied by severe constipation and facial edema, you must go to the hospital for diagnosis. It may be a calamity caused by hypothyroidism.

Doctors said that because most hypothyroidism manifestations are hidden, it is not easy to be found in the early stages of illness. In particular, some symptoms of hypothyroidism are very similar to early pregnancy. Therefore, the pregnant mothers are often ignored, resulting in delay time.And this is very dangerous for the fetus: delaying may cause premature birth and abortion, affect the fetal intellectual development or even deformity. To maintain the thyroid function within the normal range under the guidance of a doctor, the impact on the baby is not great.

During pregnancy, it is easy to suffer from A disease. It is recommended that pregnant women with a history of thyroid disease in elderly pregnant women or families must monitor thyroid function before and during pregnancy.Once symptoms such as drowsiness, weakness, constipation, and poor appetite occur after pregnancy, you should go to the doctor in time to minimize the harm

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