Is the pork liver dirty?The whole body is treasure, but don’t eat 4 kinds of pork

"Pork liver is full of toxins, heavy metals, and eating will cause cancer!"

Aunt Zhou brushed a small popular video on the mobile phone today. The experts inside said that the liver is the detoxification organs of pigs, so it is dirty. There are many toxins and heavy metals in residue. Eating it will increase the risk of cancer.

When I thought about it, Aunt Zhou felt very reasonable, so she hurriedly forwarded the small video to the family group, reminding everyone not to eat pork liver anymore, but did not expect to cause widespread discussion of the big guys.

@: Can’t the pork liver replenish blood?Why is it harmful?

@: The former pigs were raised by the waters and wild vegetable bran. They are very safe. The pigs are now pork feed hormones lean meat. Of course, it is not safe!

@: Not only pig liver, but also pig lungs, pig large intestines, pig blood, many parts are dirty, I never eat it!

… …

Is there really a lot of toxic substances in pork liver?

Fu Pengyu, director of the Food and Safety Research Office of Henan Provincial Disease Control and Prevention Center, explained: Indeed, during the breeding process, pigs will use veterinary drugs or contact with harmful substances such as heavy metals through liver metabolism. Healthy liver will excrete toxins out of the body, but relative to it relative toOther organs, drugs and heavy metals remaining in the liver.However, the pork liver purchased by a regular farmer’s market or a large supermarket is qualified by quarantine, and consumers can still eat with confidence.

1. Help children’s intelligence and physical development

Pork liver is rich in protein, lecithin, and trace elements. Children’s consumption is conducive to helping intellectual development and physical development.

2. Help improve anemia

In modern medicine, pork liver is rich in iron and phosphorus. It is an indispensable raw material for hematopoietic. For those with anemia, eating pork liver in moderation can help improve blood cells and achieve blood nourishing effects.

3. Help maintain normal vision

Vitamin A in pork liver also has the effects of maintaining normal vision and preventing and controlling night blindness.For those who often need to use eyes, you can eat pork liver appropriately to help maintain vision.

4. Help to maintain skin health

Pork liver is also conducive to maintaining skin health. The vitamin B2 contained in it will participate in biological oxidation and energy metabolism in the body, maintain the normal metabolic process of protein, fat and carbohydrates, and maintain the integrity of skin and mucosa.

Of course, pig liver is good, and do not take too much.Animal internal organs contain a large amount of cholesterol. Frequent consumption of pork liver can cause excessive cholesterol intake, which may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

In the eyes of the Chinese people, the whole body of pigs is delicious. Pig hands, pork pork flowers, pig large intestines, trotters, and even pig heads can turn into a food table.But there are also many rumors that puzzled us: Pig large intestine has a stool!Pig lungs are dirty!Pork blood is toxic!… What is the truth?

1. Pig large intestine

The large intestine of the pig is indeed a place where the pig digestion is discharged after the pigs are entered, so there may be more parasites and pathogenic bacteria in the large intestine of the pork large intestine.However, as long as it is cleaned thoroughly and then heated, these microorganisms can be killed and can be eaten safely.

2. Pig lungs

As a respiratory organs, pig lungs may inhale some dust and impurities if there are more environmental dust in pig life.However, the pig farm environment is strictly controlled now, and most of the pigs will not live in places with more dust.

3. Pig blood

The blood of healthy pigs is not poisonous, unless it is sick, fresh, or illegal pig blood.

Pork is the most common food on our table, but it is not recommended to eat these meats, otherwise it is likely to bring adverse effects on the body.

1. White plate meat

Refers to raw pork sold after the inspection and quarantine.This kind of meat has not been cleared by the relevant departments, and the safety hazards are relatively large.

2. Moisturizing meat

Steady meat means that pork has been rotten and deteriorated. Generally, it can be detected with a heating method.At first glance, the fat is grayish yellow or even green, and the muscles are dark red.Two smells, corruption.Three heating, the temperature in winter is low, and the smell cannot be smelled. By heating or boiling, the spoiled corruption odor will be emitted.

3, sick and dead pork

Sick pork can also be identified by seeing the two touches. At first glance, when you look at the hair root, the hair root is red, it is a sick pig; looking at fat, the fat of the sick and dead pork is red, yellow or green, etc.;There are often purple bleeding spots; looking at the muscles, the color of the pork is red and purple, no gloss, and there are dark red blood juice when squeezing.Two smells, sick and dead pork has a bloody smell, rotten smell and other odors.Three touches, the pork finger of the disease is depressed after pressing, not only cannot be restored, but sometimes the fingers can also pierce the meat.

4. Swine fever disease meat

Swine fever can observe the skin, muscles and fats of pigs, or there is a bright red bleeding point of varying sizes.Some vendors may soak the meat with water. Although the blood spots are not seen on the surface, the blood dots are still obvious after the meat is cut.

As long as the pork purchased in formal channels, as long as it is eaten in moderation, it is conducive to the nutritional needs of the human body.However, if you are greedy and cheap, you can buy some unknown meat products, and you may trigger food safety risks and be careful from your mouth.”””

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