Is the ovulation period on the day after menstruation?How to calculate?What to do if you’re not ovulating?One article understands

Ms. Lou and her husband have been married for two years, and the pregnancy plan has also been carried out for more than a year. They have encountered difficulties who have planned to live in steps step by step.

During the process of preparing for pregnancy, the two people checked a large amount of relevant information through various channels, and knew that the pregnancy period was very high in pregnancy.So for a few months, Ms. Lou was carried out "precise" by calculating the ovulation period.However, it became hotter every day, and there was no movement here.

Ms. Lou is also an acute child, so she pulled her husband to go to the hospital to check if she was infertility.The husband did not want to go at first, and said that when he was preparing for pregnancy, he had a pre -pregnancy examination. Both of them had a complete standard. There was no need to do more.However, how could the husband hold the soft and hard bubble of his wife, but in the end, he had no choice but to come to the hospital with his wife.

After some examinations, there was no problem with the basic physical condition of the two.At this time, Ms. Lou choked. It turned out that she had heard others saying that there would be some people who couldn’t be pregnant with no obvious cause, and felt that she might be like this.

However, the doctor didn’t think so. Through some inquiries, she found that Ms. Lou and her husband usually had a lot of pressure to work. In order to save money to raise their son, they always chose to take the initiative to work overtime.After the doctor knew the situation, the couple told the couple that they could not work so hard, pay more attention to rest, and try not to put most of their attention on pregnancy. Come to the hospital to determine the ovulation period. First try two in this way.Around the month.

Sure enough, when the third month, the husband and wife came to the hospital again. It was not a review, but the pregnancy test stick told them that Ms. Lou was really pregnant.

In fact, although the ovulation period is important, it is indeed a higher chance of pregnancy, but everything is not 100 %. It is also restricted and affected by many factors.So what is ovulation period?

Women of menstruation usually have a mature follicles every month. This follicles gradually move to the ovarian surface. As the surface cells become thin and ruptured, egg cells are also discharged. This process is called ovulation.

The day of the follicles from the ovary is called ovulation day. At this time, the husband and wife have the same room, and the probability of "winning the bid" is the greatest.In fact, this is a problem that is always old. Many friends are more concerned about how to accurately calculate the ovulation period.

At present, there are four main methods for determining the ovulation period. There are four methods: menstrual calculation, basic body temperature measurement, ovulation test strip, and ultrasonic follicle measurement.

Menstruation is the simplest and most accurate way for us.

According to research and clinical statistics, ovulation usually occurs in the first 14 days before the next menstrual period.For details, women with menstruation are estimated to be menstruation next to the next fourteen days. It is ovulation day.

Then a few days before this day and 4 days later, for ten days, a total of ten days as the ovulation period. The chance of pregnancy in the same room during this period is higher.Many so -called software and ovulation software on mobile phones are also used in this way.I have to say that this method is almost zero percentage, which is also very convenient and simple.But why is it the least accurate?

Because our human body is very amazing, although our brain is very developed, all programs do not like robots are written well. Ovulation and menstrual cycle itself is affected by various factors. Even young women with healthIt will cause abnormal ovulation, delayed menstruation or shortening due to factors such as fatigue.Once disorders occur in the menstrual cycle, it will inevitably affect the ovulation period and our inference.

Another relatively traditional method is to measure body temperature.

Women will increase by 0.3 degrees or 0.5 degrees before and after ovulation.At the beginning of the menstrual period, we wake up every morning, do not move, do not eat or drink water, and measure body temperature directly on the bed.The detection of rising basal body temperature indicates ovulation.

However, this method is not only relatively troublesome, but also more prone to inaccurate results.There are too many factors that can affect body temperature, such as staying up late, infection, and room temperature in the house can cause abnormal results.And you need to stick to it every day, which has a certain impact on lifestyle.

So since there are so many constraints of traditional "soil methods", how can we meet the needs of related female friends?At this time, ovulation test strips came into being.

Before ovulation, women will have a peak of luteum in the body, that is, the levels of luteum in blood and urine will rise significantly.Women with a menstrual cycle for 30 days can start with the tenth day of menstruation, and take ovulation test strips every day for self -testing.If the test result is a double bar, you can do the same room.This method is also very simple. Relatively speaking, the test strip is not difficult to buy, and the accuracy is much more accurate than the menstrual calculation and the temperature of the body.

However, it does not mean that the use of ovulation test strips can be at ease, because the ovulation itself is very complicated, and luteal formation is just a factor.Sometimes the follicular membrane is thick or the ovarian cortex is thick, and the follicles are discharged smoothly.This situation will cause the ovulation test strip to be strong but not ovulation.If this happens, it is recommended to choose ultrasound follicular detection.

Women with a menstrual cycle for 30 days can start the first ultrasound from 10 to 12 days of menstruation; women with a cycle of 28 days can start the first test at 8 to 10 days of menstruation.This method can intuitively observe whether the follicles are excreted, which is the most efficient and accurate method.Of course, the relatively expensive cost is relatively high.

For normal women, there are many ways to choose to monitor ovulation.However, there are many women who have poor ovulation due to various reasons, which leads to infertility. So how do we perceive whether our body is ovulation?

As one of the largest cells of the human body, its growth and excretion are controlled by many factors.

The main organs that dominate ovulation are hypothalamus -pituitary -ovarian axis. This is a physiological activity. Most people do not have a special feeling.Some people may feel that there is a slight pain in the lower abdomen and lower abdomen, but these situations may not be ovulation in special periods, because there are many reasons for lumbaric acid and abdominal pain.

Some people also show that there are more leucorrhea, and the color becomes as transparent as egg white, which can be stretched into silk.However, if there is no discomfort such as vulva itching, sticky, etc., don’t panic, this is a normal phenomenon that will occur during ovulation.

However, there is a situation that needs to be noticed. It is because a small amount of vaginal bleeding occurs during the two menstrual periods, which is less than the amount of menstrual periods. It can stop itself, that is, ovulation bleeding.

In adolescence or age -age women, the causes of this situation are mostly excessive exercise, too tired, and mental stress.So when ovulation bleeding, we must pay attention to rest, so that we can relax and reduce stress.

But there are many people, because they do not ovulate for various reasons.This situation is as high as 25%to 30%in infertility, which is a very common endocrine disease.We mentioned above that ovulation is mainly controlled by hypothalamus, pituitary, and ovarian, so any disease that can endanger these three organs will interfere with ovulation

The hypothalamus is the core link of this axis. The function of the pituitary is regulated by releasing hormones to release hormones.Therefore, when it occurs in organic lesions, such as tumor, trauma, and abnormal development of congenital development, it will affect its basic function and cannot accurately dominate pituitary.

In addition, drugs such as mental illness, too light weight or overweight, severe exercise, or long -term use of contraceptives can also cause dysplained lesions.Therefore, female friends must exercise in an appropriate amount, and try not to choose contraceptives as contraceptives.Develop reasonable eating habits to prevent abnormal weight.

So when it comes to the second key node, the pituitary gland is mainly organic lesions, such as pituitary gonber, Xihan syndrome, inflammation, radiation, empty butterfly saddle syndrome, etc.

Compared with the pituitary gland, there are many factors that affect the ovarian, such as abnormal ovarian ovarian development, premature ovarian failure, polycystic ovary syndrome, ovarian cancer, etc. Any factors that cause ovarian dysfunction may cause ovulation disorders or even ovulation.

In addition, other factors that affect endocrine glands, such as thyroid disease, adrenal disease, diabetes, etc., can cause ovulation disorders.Therefore, for patients who do not ovulate, the most important thing is to treat primary lesions and eradicate the cause.Of course, there are also some friends, such as women participating in IVF technology, and need to make arrangements under certain conditions. So what are the commonly used ways of promotion in clinical practice?

The first thing to introduce is the core method of promoting citrus citrus. Although it cannot stimulate the ovarian ovulation directly, it can cause a series of hormone changes similar to the normal menstrual cycle.

Citic acid Klinin has a strong affinity for estrogen, including chill brain and pituitary, which can promote the synthesis and secretion of hormones to release hormones in the hypothalamus, which increases the pituitary seeds and luteal formation.Stimulate the development of follicles.

As the follicles gradually mature, the estradiol continues to rise to its peak, and it plays a positive feedback effect on the hypothalamic-pituitary axis, so that the follicles estrogen and luteal formation can reach the peak, thereby triggering mature follicles ovulation.

This drug should be available at the current pharmacies, but the specific usage methods and details must be followed by the doctor’s order, and during the use process, we must communicate more with the doctor.If the patient has no significant effect after using Cromifen purely, he can also choose to use human chorionic gonad hormone or glucocorticoids and other drugs under the advice of the doctor.

Another commonly used drug is urinary gonadotropin. In 1958, a scholar first used the promotional gonadotropin to promote ovulation from the pituitary gland. A few years later, Gradually widely used.

This treatment scheme has the risk of over -stimulation of ovarian and multi -pregnancy, so there are strict indications when choosing.This therapy is more suitable for patients with simplicity without ovulation. If patients have related pathological factors, such as premature ovarian failure, pituitary tumors, polycystic ovary, etc. are not recommended.

The success rate of this method is very high, and the pregnancy rate after the ovulation rate and the use of a complete treatment cycle has almost reached 90%. Therefore, patients without ovulation can focus on this treatment.

If you take the specific medication process, you should ask the doctor carefully!However, what this type of patient needs to pay attention to is to pay attention to the probability of complications such as multi -fetal pregnancy. During the treatment process, the estrogen level should be tightly monitored, and ultrasound can be used regularly to effectively reduce the appearance of complications.

Theoretically, as long as the life of couples without contraceptive measures is possible, friends who want to be pregnant with babies do not have to worry too much about the problem of ovulation.

However, the same room is indeed greater in the same room during ovulation. Therefore, when infertility occurs during ovulation, you must go to the hospital in time to see if it is inaccurate or other pathological factors in the ovulation period.If it is the latter, actively treat it, I wish everyone a good pregnancy!


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