Is the long wisdom teeth be pulled or not?

According to statistics, 80%of women have gum bleeding and swelling and pain when they are pregnant.As the saying goes, toothache is not sick, it is really terrible.Oral health during pregnancy is very important. In order to avoid dental diseases during pregnancy, it is recommended that women should have a oral examination when planning to be pregnant!

Wisdom teeth are the teeth closer to the throat on the alveolar bone in the human mouth. Generally, they will sprout after the age of 15 or 6. At this time, the human physiological and psychological development is close to maturity.For "wisdom teeth".

So what is the long wisdom teeth during pregnancy?

When the wisdom teeth are sprouting, some gums will develop redness and pain. Because of the pain, they cannot open their mouths to speak and eat normally. In severe cases, pus will even occur, that is, wisdom tooth crown Zhou Yan.If the pregnant woman has a wisdom tooth crown, it is less than three months of pregnancy, and the tooth extraction surgery may cause miscarriage; if the tooth extraction is extracted three crescents after pregnancy, premature birth may be induced.Therefore, in order to avoid this situation, it is best to go to a regular hospital for dental examination during pregnancy. If necessary, you can diagnose and treat it in time.

Reasons for long wisdom teeth during pregnancy

Due to the presence of food residues in wisdom teeth, crown inflammation is often triggered.During pregnancy, women’s body resistance will decrease, and it is more likely to be infected with periodontitis.Due to the increase in women and progesterone in women during pregnancy, local vascular dilatation and congestion will be more sensitive to inflammation, which makes pregnant women miserable.

Is the long wisdom teeth be pulled or not?

Pregnant mothers should not perform tooth extraction surgery 3 months before pregnancy.Tooth extraction in the first three months can easily cause miscarriage, and tooth extraction in the next 3 months can easily cause premature birth.The main reason is that the pain, panic, panic, and the pain of teething and tingling drugs during teething.Therefore, women who are preparing for the baby should go to a regular dental hospital to do the oral examination before preparing for pregnancy. It is best to take a digital curved fault tooth tablet to fully understand the tooth conditions and listen to the opinions of the oral doctor.The extraction of this pull is not suffering from dental disease during pregnancy.

The incidence of wisdom tooth crowns during pregnancy is several times higher than normal people. Because of the low resistance during pregnancy, especially in the late pregnancy, the fetal growth and development of the fetus are fast, which can easily cause anemia for pregnant women.Even if it is breastfeeding, it is not suitable for extraction, because anti -inflammatory drugs need to be used after obstructing tooth ambush tooth removal. Many drug mothers affect babies after taking milk after taking milk, so the medication is very limited.

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