Is the dysmenorrhea after getting married?Do not be silly!The worse after marriage may be "it" is making a strange

Although dysmenorrhea cannot be fatal, the pain that can bring to patients is deeply appreciated. Menstruation once a month is a feminine physiological phenomenon. It accompanies women into adolescence and spend a long age.It can be described as the "old friend" of women.However, the dysmenorrhea accompanied by the physiological period is also the "sub -" role that plagues women the most. The elderly often say that "it will not hurt when there is a child after giving birth."Dysmenorrhea mothers are not in the minority.

1. Original factors

Narcosutous cervical pipes: The stenosis of the aisle is blocked by menstrual blood flow, which causes dysmenorrhea.

Uterine dysplasia: It is prone to abnormal blood supply, causing uterine ischemia, hypoxia and dysmenorrhea.

Uterine position is abnormal: The normal position of the uterus is the front position, and some women are the excessive orgen of the uterus or the uterine flexion, which causes menstrual blood to accumulate and cause dysmenorrhea.

Spirit and neurological factors: Some women are too sensitive to pain.

2. Secondary factor

Common gynecological diseases: such as uterine fibroids, endometriosis, etc.

During the vaginal delivery process, the fetus can expand the narrow cervical canal of the mother, so that the menstrual blood has a good debut, and the natural dysmenorrhea can be reduced to a certain extent.

This talks about some producing complications, such as endometriosis and adhesion of the uterine cavity, so the saying that the child can cure dysmenorrhea is effective for a small number of people and cannot be generalized.

I believe that these are what the general public wants to know most. Some non -organic causes can only start with pain relief. It is recommended that the hospital take a doctor and ask the doctor to guide the correct medication.Strengthen exercise and enhance physical fitness.Pay attention to the laws of life on weekdays, combine work and rest, appropriate nutrition and adequate sleep.

For the treatment of some secondary dysmenorrhea, the cause should be distinguished first, and the cause and symptomatic treatment should be parallel.Dysmenorrhea caused by endometriosis may choose non -steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs or oral contraceptives.Surgical removal uterus is usually the most thorough method for treating uterine adenomia, but for patients with fertility requirements or requiring uterus, the first choice of gonadotropin release hormone analog treatment.If there is no fertility requirement, the left concrete aperthone in the uterine cavity is placed in the uterine cavity.Once the organic lesions occur, they are recommended to seek medical treatment in time to avoid delaying the disease.

Summary summary: What does birth baby bring you?It is happiness and completeness, but it is still selective for your "old friend". I also hope that mothers will not give the baby too much "pressure". This is too difficult, the baby can’t do it!

Abdominal incision: Women who have experienced cesarean section, if you have abdominal pain (a larger cyst can be touched), then you may have endometriosis.

Bladder: The uterus and the bladder are adjacent to the bladder.

How should chocolate cysts be treated?

1. Drug treatment: that is, conservative treatment, usually use sex hormones for treatment. As mentioned earlier, it follows the periodicity of menstruation. ThereforeThe endometrium shrinks.If the disease is not large, this method can still be tried.

2. Surgical treatment: Surgical treatment for chocolate cysts is an effective method at present. The treatment scheme is adopted according to the specific conditions such as the condition.

Summary summary: For women in the age of childbearing age, once a clever pocket is found, minimally invasive surgical treatment is the first choice, because this can not only eliminate lesions, increase the chance of conception, but also reduce the rate of vulgarity.After menopause, patients should choose cure surgery.Chocolate cysts should not be ignored, early discovery, early treatment, and medical treatment in time, don’t let our health be forgotten.

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