Is the damage of "drug flow" smaller than "people flow"?

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What must be put in the first sentence is: whether it is abortion (abortion) or medication, there is any harm, whether it is direct damage or potential risks, it is not underestimated.Before the beginning, if you repeat it on the sixth floor, it is an artificial abortion (including: surgical abortion and drug abortion). It is only a remedy for contraception. It is definitely not a kind of contraceptive method.

Judging from the feedback of the background, it is not difficult to find that we can always find that there have been abortion among friends, classmates, and relatives around us. Some of them have selected abortion, and some have selected drug abortion.Both have experienced what method is now considering the third time, and there are currently scores 2: 2 …

Everyone’s problems are basically focused on these issues, such as:

Is the drug flow smaller?

Does the drug flow hurt?

Do you need a clear palace every time?

Is the drug flow like drinking a cold medicine?

When is it suitable for medication?

What are the specific processes of the drug flow?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the flow of people?

Can you buy medicine yourself at home?

How to care after the drug flow?Nympho

Today’s content will involve these problems, of course, there are some six -story information that you need to know.

Okay, start!

Noun explanation: In short, the drug abortion is simply using the drug to achieve the purpose of terminating pregnancy. It is generally suitable for pregnancy within 49 days of pregnancy. At this time, embryo development may still rely on drugs to discharge.Need surgical abortion or induction of labor.

The specific drugs used are macyl ketone+meterol. The purpose of the former is to combine with progesterone in the body. You have checked progesterone when you are pregnant.Occupied by rice oltone, then the vitality of progesterone will decrease. At the same time, pregnancy cannot continue to develop due to the lack of progesterone, causing abortion; the latter’s role will be understoodThe role of prostaglandin is to shrink the uterus, so the role here is to cause the uterus to shrink strongly to the purpose of excretion of pregnancy tissue.

The specific method of medication will not be mentioned here.

Drug flow vs flow

Be good or bad

Flow: Readers who have read the abortion article should have understood the process of people. Readers who have not read can reply: abortion to read the article.To put it simply, the abortion is suitable for pregnancy before 14 weeks. The obvious advantage is that the surgery is very neat, and the success rate of a hammer is relatively high.However, there will be risks in all surgery, the most serious of which is the perforation and rupture of the uterus, and others have some risks of infection, bleeding, and endocrine disorders.

Drug flow: The reason why everyone choose the drug flow is because the surgery can be avoided, the use of drugs can terminate pregnancy, and at the same time, a series of complications brought by the surgery are avoided.High, only 75%, that is to say, a quarter of people’s drug flow is failed or abortion is incomplete. It may need to be cleared again. The meaning of this clearing palace is about the same as the surgery flow. In additionLater bleeding sometimes bleeds for a long time, and there is also the risk of infection. Of course, the next sixth floor will specifically talk about when the palace needs to be cleared.

Although the last choice is you to do it, but the sixth floor hopes that you can understand the advantages and disadvantages of this. Of course, I hope you will never face such a choice.

Misunderstanding of Drugs

Unlike what you think

The drug flow can be used at home

The response and symptoms brought by the drug, the unable to judge whether or not abortion, and the emergencies of the drug flow cannot be treated … so the correct approach is to be diagnosed in regular hospitals.

You will say that after all, it is not a glorious thing. Can you find a small clinic?Of course!No!OK!Because you need urine tests and B -ultrasound before taking the medicine, after meeting the conditions of the drug flow, you can use medication and rest in accordance with the requirements of your life. At the same time, the doctor will tell you the problems encountered during the medication.Patients who have their own drug abortion died because they were not treated in time because of heavy bleeding. Therefore, the hospitals they chosen must have the ability to deal with this emergencies.

Therefore, if you choose the drug flow, please go to a regular hospital for treatment. Here we will not talk about the tricks of those unscrupulous clinics. As long as you do n’t go, they will not be able to apply.

There is no pain in the flow of drugs

This can be included in one of the three major lies of this century. The drug flow is not easy at all. At least there will be abdominal pain. Readers with dysmenorrhea will understand that the abdominal pain after using Misso is basically the same as the dysmenorrhea.And there are no more than it, and some people will have nausea, vomiting, and a few people who have dizziness, fatigue, chills, fever, numbness of hands and feet, diarrhea, etc., and constant bleeding is actually very scary.Sometimes these symptoms will last for several days, so it seems that it is not as good as the flow of people.

Drug flow is not surgery, does not delay work

I don’t know when it started to have a close relationship with work, maybe because there is no paid leave with abortion?In short, as mentioned in the previous six -story article, it needs to rest for one or two weeks after abortion.

Besides, there is no need to do surgery. In theory, 75%of people do not need to do, and the remaining 25%must be done, because the failure and abortion of the drug flow will cause a series of complications, so it needs to be dealt with in time.

Let’s talk about what situations need to be cleared:

① After the drug flow, Yin has less bleeding. After a week, you should go to the hospital for a B -ultrasound examination. If you find that the embryo does not stop continuing to develop, then it is necessary to clear the palace in time;

② Patients usually need to stay in the hospital for 4 to 6 hours after taking the medicine. Some people will be discharged during this time, and some may be later.Qing Palace;

③ After the drug flow, there are pregnancy tissues discharged, but Yin’s irregular bleeding is unclean, and the extension of more than a few weeks (the specific weekly number does not have an accurate value, and the specific situation is judged by the doctor).Patients need to clear the palace in time.

It should be noted that due to bleeding, it is necessary to use antibiotics prevention and control infection before and after surgery.

Although the above is the treatment that doctors need to do, what you need to remember is that you have to do the flow of people if you lose the loss, which is equivalent to two ways you need to experience two ways.

Precautions for drug flow

Don’t take it lightly

① There are many things to pay attention to before the drug flow. In addition to the requirements of the pregnancy time mentioned above, the B -ultrasound and the need to do, you must also determine the health status of the body. If there are contraindications, the drug flow cannot be performed.

These contraindications are the drug taboos of Mifi and Miso, including: a systemic disease that has been suffering from heavier, liver, renal insufficiency, allergies, heart disease, hypertension, anemia, asthma, glaucoma, pregnancy, pregnancyItchy skin and so on.

② Of course, after the drug flow, you also need to pay attention to many things. In addition to remembering the contraception next time, of course, it is also a month after the drug flow, because it is necessary to prohibit the same month in the same room, and we must also take the doctor to take the doctor’s resistance to the doctor’s resistance to you.Infectious treatment of inflammatory anti -infection, try to choose shower as much as possible when taking a bath. Usually you need to rest for one to two weeks for one week to slowly increase the amount of activity and do force.

Oh, by the way, you must still want to ask when you can get pregnant after the drug flow. The basic principle is that the menstruation is normal.

In the end, what kind of damage is small and finally asked about the question on the question. The sixth floor will not be circled, and tell you the results directly: under the right to indicate: under the right to indicate, the drug flow damage should be smaller., But you need to bear the possibility of 25%of failure, that is, you have to make a quarter of the possibility of choosing the drug flow.

I hope you read what I mean.


Finally, please allow me to emphasize again: If you do n’t have to get pregnant, please take contraceptive measures.

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