Is the chest suddenly larger, is it a signal of the disease?

Damn chest changes is the dream of many small breasts, but if the chest really becomes bigger, isn’t it really worried?Why is it suddenly bigger, is it the signal of the disease?

In fact, breast changes are likely to be related to weight gain, pregnancy, hormone changes, or breast nodules.

The physiological structure of the female chest is generally divided into 4 layers from the outside to the inside. The outermost layer is subcutaneous fat, the second layer is the breast, the third layer is behind the chest fat, and the fourth layer is the thoracic muscle.Among them, the proportion of breast fat accounts for the overall body is generally about 50%.

Because of the fat tissue, the proportion of female chest tissues is very high, so as body fat increases, the chest will be rich in more fat, making the chest fuller.

However, it is necessary to pay attention to it here. After the weight of different women, the amount of fat enriched on the chest is different, which is mainly affected by genetic genes and hormone levels.

Therefore, although women’s breasts are generally larger after feminine gain, how many individual differences become larger.

In summary, the weight gain can accompany the breast enlargement at the same time, because in addition to the glandular tissue, the main constituent of the breast is fat.

After pregnancy, the chest becomes larger. The main reason is the effects of pituitary prolactin, placental prolactin, estrogen, progesterone, growth hormone and insulin.During pregnancy, breast ducts and glands hyperplasia, fat deposits, and pregnant women consciously breast swelling, swelling, tenderness and tingling.

The nipples are enlarged, the color becomes black, the color is easy to erection, the areola becomes black, the sebaceous glands on the areolas are hypertrophy, forming a scattered nodular small bulge, called the Montessor nodules.At the end of pregnancy, especially when the breasts are squeezed near delivery, a small amount of thin yellow liquid can be overflowed. This is colostrum.After pregnancy, the influence of various hormone levels in the body is large, and breasts become larger.

Therefore, pregnancy can also cause breast enlargement, because the breasts and milk ducts will be proliferated during pregnancy, so as to prepare for the future breastfeeding.

Before menstruation, breast swelling and pain can be felt, and sometimes the pain of pain will be felt.This is because the breasts are the same as the endometrium, and they will also experience changes in pre -menstrual hyperplasia period and post -menstrual recovery period and changes in menstrual cycle.

Therefore, changes in hormones related to contraceptives or menstrual cycles can also cause breast enlargement. This is because the breasts are very sensitive to changes in estrogen and progesterone. The increase in breasts of adolescence and before menstruation often belong to this situation.

If breast growth is caused by the above situations, it will generally not bring more serious health problems, but you may need to buy new underwear.

If it is pathological, such as the size of the chest mass, the texture is hard or hard, the mass is not sticky to the skin, the surface of the lump is often not smooth, and it feels granular.You need to seek medical treatment in time.

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