Is the back soreness during pregnancy deficiency?This can be relieved …

Medical Guidance/Deputy Chief Physician Zhang Li, Deputy Chief Physician of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Guangdong Province

Text/Yangcheng Evening News all -media reporter Guo Si Correspondent Lin Huifang

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In the third trimester, as the fetus slowly increased, some pregnant mothers began to have symptoms of backache back pain, which was more severe and even affected daily life and work.What causes so many pregnant mothers to be tortured by back pain?Is it calcium deficiency?Is there any way to help pregnant mothers to relieve it?

Generally speaking, the occurrence of low back pain during pregnancy is related to hormone levels during pregnancy: in the preparation of childbirth, in order to prepare for childbirth, the hormone level in pregnant mothers rises to soften the pelvic ligament and the muscles relax.The spine curvature increased, and this change made pregnant mothers prone to backache back pain; the second is due to changes in the posture of pregnant mothers: in the third trimester, as the belly gets bigger, many pregnant mothers will unconsciously put their shoulders andLeading back to maintain the balance of the entire body. In this posture of long -term, it is also easy to cause tightness of the back muscles of the waist and back to the back of the waist and back.

1. Pay attention to sleeping positions.The pregnant mother is in the middle and late pregnancy. It is recommended to take the left side position when going to bed. This can reduce the compression of the uterus, ensure the blood flow of the uterus and the placenta, and slow down the degree of veins of the lower limbs.When you are ready to lie down and sleep, the pregnant mother can first bend her legs back and after, and then twist the pelvis gently to find a place where I feel the most comfortable.When you get up, you should also pay attention. Do not sit up directly from the flat posture, but it is best to put your body side on the side first, and then slowly sit up with the power of the hand.

2. Pay attention to reducing the time of standing.Try not to walk for too long. After walking for a while, you can find a place to sit down and rest.Pregnant mothers who love to wear high heels should pay attention to this. With the greater and larger belly after pregnancy, the center of gravity will slowly lean forward. At this time, it is not easy to maintain the balance of the body.Putting on high heels, it undoubtedly increases the burden on the muscles of the back and back, making the muscles on the back of the waist more easily nervous and fatigue.Therefore, after pregnancy, you can first put away high heels and choose a pair of comfortable flat shoes for yourself.In addition, in order to reduce the pressure on the back of the waist, the pregnant mother can separate the two feet slightly when standing, so that the gravity can be partially to the thighs and abdomen, and not to use all the forces to the waist.

3. When standing from standing, or when standing from the seat, be careful not to be too hard.When you sit, try to find a chair with back. If the position of the back is not appropriate, you can take a small pillow to put it on the waist to make the waist support when sitting, so that the waist muscles will not be so tired.However, it is not recommended for a long time to sit for too long. Every hour, you can stand up and walk appropriately to soothe the tension of the waist muscles.

4. Try not to work hard.Pregnant mothers can properly do some light housework, such as sweeping the floor, but like some heavy work that moved and lifted, you need to stand high or squat. At this stageOther members of the family helped to share.

5. Pay attention to keep the waist warm.The coldness of the waist can also cause low back pain, so pregnant mothers should pay attention to keeping warm in the waist. When you sleep in the air conditioner in summer, remember to put a thin layer of quilt on your stomach.

6. Pay attention to supplementing nutrients such as calcium.Pregnant mothers need to replenish calcium to meet the growth and development of pregnant mothers and fetuses. If you do not pay attention to calcium supplementation at this stage, you may have pain due to calcium deficiency.Supplement various nutrients.

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