Is pregnant horse urine "liquid gold"?That’s right, no wonder the Germans purchased in our country all year round

On November 6, 2021, China News Network released such a report — "The price of pregnant horses in Xinjiang, which increases to increase the revenue for herders".

This report states that: There is a villager called Nurbaya Bayi Hami Hamiti in Karati Village, Nalati Town, Xinyuan County, Yili Kazakh.It has been in the history of nearly ten years. He has been collecting and selling pregnant horses in 2013, and has been collecting for nearly ten years.At present, the villagers have cultivated 50 horses and based on the sales price of 5.7 yuan per kilogram, and they can earn 100,000 yuan by selling pregnant horses urine every year.

It is said that the main acquisition of maternity urine in Xinjiang is a German bioplasm company in Germany. Their company has signed a pregnancy -induced urine acquisition contract with more than 300 local herders.More than 200 tons of pregnant horsesuria.

So, why is a German biopharmaceutical company acquiring maternity horses in Xinjiang?

It turns out that a "combined estrogen" can be refined from the urine of the pregnant mother horse. This "binding estrogen" is not only natural and non -toxic, but also for osteoporosis, coronary heart disease, menopausal women’s syndrome and other diseases.Both have a good prevention and control effect.

It is reported that in 2020, the annual sales of "combined with estrogen" in the Western European market have reached 900 million US dollars, and the finished drugs made with "combined with estrogen" have exceeded 5 billion in sales in the world.Dollar.Therefore, in Germany, pregnant mother horsesur are called "liquid gold".

It is said that biopharmaceutical technology originated in the early 1970s. It was a high -tech born with the invention and application of the invention and application of lymphocyte hybridization technology in DNA.Since the birth of this technology, it has opened up a very broad prospect for the development of the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Therefore, at the beginning of this century, biopharmaceutical technology has been identified as key technologies and emerging industries for scientific and technological development by countries around the world.

Germany’s biopharmaceutical technology has developed earlier. In the 1980s, the German government launched a series of biopharmaceutical technology funding plans.Basic research content conducts research.Among them, they put the focus of research content in the fields of life systems, nerve biology, human genes, plant genes and other fields, and achieved very gratifying research results.At the same time, German scientists have subdivided biotechnology, divided biopharmaceutical technology into "red biotechnology", and divided agriculture and food biotechnology into "green biotechnology".In the field of "red biotechnology", Germany has achieved more than 1,300 research results.It can be seen that Germany’s research in biotechnology is very advanced.

In fact, the American biopharmaceutical company also aimed at the horseshue market in Xinjiang, my country.It is said that in some places in Xinjiang, there are also American biopharmaceutical companies acquiring pregnant horseuria.However, the purchase volume of American biopharmaceutical companies is far lower than the acquisition of German biopharmaceutical companies.

In the movie "Journey to the West", Sun Wukong used to use horseuria and pills to treat the disease of King Zhu Ziguo.Although the movies are fictional, from the perspective of the acquisition of maternity urine in Xinjiang in Germany, the fictional content in the movie may also become a reality!

According to the herdsmen in Xinjiang, a pregnant mother and horse can excrete 5 kilograms of urine a day. This year, the average purchase price of urine per kilogram of pregnant horses has risen to 6.8 yuan.It can create more than 30 diversion value by selling urine!

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