Is pregnancy dyeing harmful to the baby?Pregnant women love beauty, and the head dye is still not dyed

Many beautiful mothers like to dye a color they like to her hair, but they dare not do anything after pregnancy. They are worried that the chemical ingredients in the hair dyeing cream will hurt the babies in their belly.Pregnant mothers, your concerns are normal. After all, babies during pregnancy are the most important, and no one will take risks during this sensitive period.

So is it safe to dye hair during pregnancy?

No evidence has shown that when hair dyeing, the substance in the dyeing cream can directly affect the baby through the hair follicles into the body.However, some ammonia containing ammonia in some creams will indeed have an impact on pregnant women and fetuses, which greatly increases the probability of miscarriage.The other is that the hair dye of coal tar is very harmful to the human body, especially for pregnant women, which greatly enhances the normal development of pregnant women and the normal development of the fetus.Therefore, when choosing dyeing cream, you must pay attention to these two types that are absolutely unavailable.

When can I dye my hair after pregnancy?

It is recommended not to dye hair in the first three months of pregnancy, because these two months are the period of rapid development of the baby and the formation of key organs. Although science cannot prove that harmful substances will cause abnormal fetal development through skin infiltration, I still recommend avoiding this sensitive time.

What kind of dyeing cream?

Choosing a plant hair dye is the most suitable. Although this kind of dyeing time may not have chemistry and short time, it does not contain chemical components, which is harmless to you and the baby, and the mother can still smell.

Precautions for hair dyeing for pregnant women:

1. Choose a big brand of dyeing ointment brands and choose plant dye cream.

2. Apply the cream on the ends of the hair, don’t apply it directly on the scalp

3. It is best to choose a place with better ventilation when dyeing hair.

4. After the hair dye is completed, wash a few more times.

5. Do not drink or eat when you dye your hair.

Whether there is no conclusion whether hair dye is harmful to pregnant women and fetuses, but it is not recommended to frequently dye hair during pregnancy.It is recommended not to choose a color with a large color contrast in the selection of hair color.The lighter the color, the greater the damage of the hair.

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