Is melon seeds a "catalyst" of diabetes?Doctor: Protect the islet, 3 kinds of nuts, don’t be greedy

There are more and more diabetic people around us, so everyone is very familiar with diabetes. This is a chronic metabolic disease, and diabetes is not terrible. The terrible is the complications of diabetes. ThereforeControl of blood sugar.

Now, the incidence of diabetes is getting higher and higher, and the trend of gradually becoming younger is also a panic. Why does this happen?What are the reasons?Take a look.

Change of living conditions

With the improvement of living standards in life, people’s living conditions are gradually getting better, but they also develop the habit of overeating, which leads to excess nutrition.

For a long time, it will increase the burden of various organs, and it will also cause the islet function to be damaged. The body’s calories will not be consumed to a certain amount of consumption, which will not only cause obesity, but also increase the risk of diabetes.

Diet is getting more and more fine

Nowadays, people’s diets are getting more and more fine, especially some fine rice white noodles, and the crude fiber content like it has been filtered, most of them are some carbohydrates.

If there is too much one -time intake, it will also enter the body into glucose, which will cause abnormal insulin secretion and increase the risk of patients with diabetes. Therefore, it is better to pay attention to eating coarse grains in the usual diet.

Sitting for a long time

Now more and more young people have developed the habit of sitting for a long time, but the long -term so that the metabolic ability has decreased, the toxins accumulate too much, and the blood sugar will continue to rise, affecting their own health.

Therefore, we still need to pay attention to the regular movement in life. In this case, it can prevent the increase in blood sugar and ensure the health of the human body.

Therefore, the above causes are also the cause of the increasing incidence of diabetes. I hope that everyone will avoid it in time. When the diabetes problem worsens, in fact, the body will have some abnormalities and complications. I hope you don’t ignore it.

Performance 1: During rest, heart rate is faster

Performance two: Edema, "bubble urine"

Performance three: Decreased touch and cooling in the foot

Performance 4: Decrease vision, blurred vision

Performance five: dry skin, itching appears

Therefore, the threat of blood sugar to the body is very important to pay attention to regulation in life. Regarding controlling blood sugar, many people put forward such a statement in diet, that is, it is believed that the seeds of melon seeds are catalysts of diabetes, which will promote the increase in blood sugar.So I think that the seeds cannot be eaten, so is this true or false?

Melon seeds are a kind of nut food in life, especially when they are in the New Year, they will eat some melon seeds to pass the time to entertain guests.

Now there are more and more statements about melon seeds. Many people think that the seeds of melon seeds will promote the increase in blood sugar and aggravate the occurrence of the disease.

It is believed that the high oil content will affect the blood concentration inside the vascular deposition, which is not conducive to the stability of blood sugar.

But in fact, there is a certain reason for this, but it is not to say that diabetic patients cannot eat melon seeds at all. They can take a small amount in life, and will not have much impact on the body, as long as they focus on controlling the amount.

For some patients with diabetes, in fact, the following kinds of nuts who really can’t eat may have a greater impact on blood sugar. I hope to stay away as soon as possible.

1. Sugar fried chestnuts

Like sugar fried chestnuts is deeply loved by people, it is not as sweet as taste, and the nutritional value is relatively high. It has a certain role in nourishing the stomach and protecting the stomach. However, it is not recommended to eat more for some people who have diabetes.

Because of the relatively high calories and sugar content, it is easy to aggravate the burden on the islet and affect the level of blood sugar. Therefore, it is recommended to control the mouth and not be greedy, which may help prevent complications.

2. Pine nuts

Diabetes patients should also pay less attention to eating less pine nuts in their lives, because pine nuts, such as pine nuts, are high -fat foods, and the oil content is seriously exceeded.

If too much intake, the burden on the blood vessels will increase, induce cardiovascular disease, and also affect the health of islet, lead to insufficient insulin secretion, and induce diabetes. Thereforeblacklist.

3. Sweet peanut

If you want to control blood sugar, you should also pay attention to reducing the intake of some sweet peanuts, because the sugar content in it is originally exceeded, and too much intake will cause insulin secretion to be hindered.

It will also cause blood sugar to increase to a certain extent and increase the risk of complications. Therefore, eating as little peanuts like this will help blood sugar slowly stabilize.

What are you knowing about regulating blood sugar?You can share it below.

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