Is it serious for dogs to suffer from fake pregnancy?Don’t worry, the symptoms can improve by yourself

Many people now think about whether they are raised or male dogs before raising dogs. After all, they must be responsible for the life of the dog, but they must not be careless.It is okay for the adopted dogs. The shoveling officer only needs to consider whether to take it to sterilize.But if you adopted a mother dog, you need to consider more. For example, what should I do if I do n’t do the puppy cubs born from a sterilization?

Especially for native dogs, the owner will not take them to sterilize or want to raise so many dogs, then these puppies may face the fate of being abandoned.The mortality rate of wandering puppy is higher than the stray adult dog. The puppies’ bodies have not developed, and their physique is very weak. Maybe a cold night can let them die.Therefore, it is recommended to consider clearly before the shovel officer raises dogs.

But veterinarians Xiaoming mainly wants to talk about the big baby’s belly today, is it really pregnant?I don’t know if the shoveling officer has encountered this situation, that is, the mother dog’s belly is big, thinking that it is pregnant.But after 58 ~ 63 days, there was no fetal output.The veterinarian Xiaoming wants to say that this is not a female dog’s pregnancy but a pet -producing disease -fake pregnancy. Is this disease serious?What are the phenomena?Pay attention to observation of shovel officers ~

Some possibly shovelers want to say: Can a dog still get pregnant?They are not people.The veterinarian Xiaoming wants to say that there are, but it is not that the dogs want to pretend to be pregnant. In fact, they are suffering from this false pregnancy disease. The shoveling officer finds that the dog is abnormal to pay attention.

Moreover, this kind of disease female cat and dog may have a certain might. Today, the veterinarian Xiaoming mainly tells everyone about the pseudo -pregnancy pregnancy.After the estrus period, the female dogs will gradually show symptoms similar to pregnancy regardless of whether they are matched or not, and they have the behavior of protecting other puppies.And at this time, the dog’s belly will also bulge. If the fetal output is not seen after 58 ~ 63 days of the breeding, and the baby’s belly is restored to normal, the belly is reduced. This symptom is called a fake pregnancy.

(1) Endocrine disorders.

(2) There is no mating at all, but the ovarian luteum has formed and secrete progesterone.

(3) The unhealthy of the reproductive organs of the male dog and the female dog causes excessive secretions in the female dog’s uterus, and it can also secrete the ovaries.

(4) The female dog has been in a state of recuperation for a long time, and this situation is more likely to have false pregnancy.

The above is the reason why the more common dogs will suffer from fake pregnancy. Generally, there are not many dogs with fake pregnancy, but there are also.If a dog suffers from this disease, the conditional shovel officer is best to take a dog to a professional pet hospital for examination to prevent the dog from suffering from other diseases.

About 4 to 5 weeks after the emotional estrus, dogs will have weight gain, fat deposits, abdomen began to swell, and back brilliant back.In the early stage, dogs have good appetite, increased appetite in the middle period, breasts increased in the later period, and can squeeze out milk, but after a few weeks of secretion of milk, the first milk is not seen.The shoveling officer can also look at the dog’s vaginal discharge, which is creamy, and the dog is unwilling to move.Normal dogs can touch the fetus across the belly around 50 days of pregnancy, but they cannot be touched by false pregnancy.

In addition, fake pregnancy dogs also do nest and have a refusal to eat, and will not allow strangers to approach the adopted cubs and have their own sucking their own milk.There may be vomiting food and eat the symptoms of vomit.However, these prenatal symptoms generally disappear after a few days, after all, it is not really pregnant.

1. Do not want dog shovel officers to have a baby.

2. Generally speaking, the dog can see the fetus through B -ultrasound for about 48 days of pregnancy. If the shovel officer is worried that he can take it to the hospital to do a B -ultrasound before the dog produces.

3. The shoveling officer can often take the dog out to exercise. Do not raise the dog at home for a long time, so that it is not good for the dog’s body.

4. Adjusting the dog’s endocrine, if the dog is fat, you still need to lose weight, otherwise the endocrine may be disordered.

Finally, the veterinarian Xiaoming wants to talk about it. If the shovel officer finds that the dog has false pregnancy, don’t worry too much. Those who have a mild false pregnancy symptoms can not go to the hospital for treatment.Hormone therapy.When raising dogs, you must pay attention to the method and method, but do not follow your own ideas. Those who do n’t understand can consult a doctor or have more pets for many years to exchange experiences.Time is busy.

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