Is it really possible to make makeup and dye hair during pregnancy?

Can I make up my hair during pregnancy?

The older generation stood up first: No!Cosmetics are toxic to little dolls, so you don’t need to use it when you are pregnant!

The expectant mothers are also unwilling to: ten months in the sky?This fairy can’t do it!

Of course, Uncle Grandma has no experience in pregnancy, but when it comes to whether you can make up for hair and dye your hair, you really want to tell everyone.

Skin care?Must be able to!

Due to the changes in body shape and hormone changes, mothers are prone to skin problems during pregnancy: spots and acne, and the skin is always itchy, not to mention the stretch marks of the stomach.

△ It is easy to skin itching during pregnancy, can it only be scratched?

These situations have occurred, of course, you can use skin care products to relieve it!But when choosing skin care products, you must pay attention to these things:

First of all, try to choose the simple ingredients, such as the basic moisturizing cream, facial cleanser, etc., can completely ensure the daily health of the skin;

Secondly, whitening, acne, freckle removal, and exfoliating products may contain ingredients that are not good for babies in the belly, such as salicylic acid, vitamin acid, etc. It is best to leave them for a few months;

In the end, many mothers are worried that heavy metals and hormones in cosmetics exceed the standards. In fact, this is the least worrying. The cosmetics specifications of our country are clearly written that qualified products are not allowed to add hormones, and they also have strict requirements on heavy metals.

Therefore, as long as it is a qualified product purchased by regular channels, you don’t have to worry about the problem of hormone and heavy metals, or change the gadgets in your makeup bag with lead -free models, more at ease.

If someone recommends Sanwu’s "special" skin care products for pregnant women, please teach TA for Uncle Grandma!

Dye your hair nail, let’s take a little bit

The problem of the face is solved, we still have hair!

In fact, no matter whether it is men, women, and children, I believe that everyone is told that everyone has been "less dyeing hair" and "less perm". This is because hairdressing products may indeed contain substances that are not good for the human body.The risk of quality, scalp allergies, and even carcinogenic, let alone the mothers.

Although there is no reliable evidence that hair perm is harmful to mothers and babies (Uncle Dai thinks that this is because no one will experiment with mothers to do experiments), but on insurance, go to a beautiful hair before pregnancy!

△ It is possible to make a curls in physical methods during pregnancy!

Many young mothers are keen on nails, and the exquisite colored nails flashes BlingBling’s light, which is particularly beautiful.However, uncle milk is going to pour cold water. Most of the nail polish now contain chemical solvents such as acetone, ethyl acetate, and benzene acid, which has a certain poisoning effect on the human body.After doing my nails, I have to replenish the color not long after. After again and again, no one can guarantee safety and harmlessness. Don’t take this danger.

In general, there are three principles for choosing cosmetics during pregnancy: qualified products, simple ingredients, and no labeling "pregnant women with caution" and "pregnant women disable".Therefore, expectant mothers really do not need to do not apply for ten months. They choose cosmetics and replenish nutrition scientifically, and they can shine people from the inside out.

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